Lawyer Igor Alexander Kozulin Rinkevich fired from his job

About the decision to dismiss Igor Rynkevich vyznat now 18 o’clock.
Igor Rynkevich so explains his decision to dismiss. According to disk imaging, the Justice Department put pressure on the bar so, so he was fired. The main reason for dismissal — do not give it to further protect Alexander Kozulin and transmit media statements made by ex-candidate. And so he decided to write a letter, not to create problems for their own fellow lawyers.
Igor Rynkevich more than one year defended Alexander Kozulin. For this time it tried to attract Tipo administrative responsibility for violation of public policy. It also imposed a two disciplinary penalties. Now day Igor Rynkevich appealed to the Appeals Commission of the National Bar Association, in which requested cancel other disciplinary punishment. "Satisfaction of the complaint would avoid accusations of" systemnastsi "violations on my part," says Igor Rinkevich.
He stated that the legal services to Kazulin agree to provide a lawyer who defended former candidate during his trial in July 2006. Igor Rynkevich also expects to defend Alexander Kozulin as a citizen by proxy.
He said the freedom that had to perform all the tasks for which an agreement was reached with relatives of Alexander Kozulin.

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