… Let’s suspend new adventurism Lukashenko — building a nuclear power plant …

Anna K., a veteran of pedagogical work, "Lukashenko’s statement to reporters about his own mysterious power transfer is the result of a minor descendant mania applicant. What has taken the decision of so-called parliament to abolish presidential elections and "grabbing" the right to transfer power from the 1st illegal th patient chief of more ailing heir? Offered urgently to start collecting signatures for the immediate compulsory medical examination of the mental state of the role of citizen Lukashenka international commission. In another the whole country would be in a mental hospital. With reverence. "
Sovereign, etc.. Mazurshchyna: "And the fact that my wife now for nothing kicked! It worked like a donkey, and its just from the farm Lukashenko’s government expelled. How to continue to live at lukashyzme? And took away the baby. Precious RL help. I’m already addressed to you . I have been faithful to you and be faithful to the end own life. I think we all shared us also totalitarian regime once lost. I listened to you, and will listen. "
Misha Petrovic, retired, Minsk: "What I believe. Some have very conscientious pockets full of dollars. Their luxurious" Mercedes "and palaces. In other" fraudulent "small wage or pension One dead. Their children often adults are sitting without operation. Yes as we believe in the total happiness of the people? "
Man: "Through adventurous economic policies to strengthen their own domination over the population of Belarus, Lukashenko has led the country to economic backwardness compared with Belarus’ neighbors. But let’s suspend new adventurism Lukashenko — building a nuclear power plant, this murderer Belarusians. Do not be afraid of his clamorous iron voice that offends us! Come together to "Chernobyl Way" and say "no" to nuclear murderer and its initiator adventurers. Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "I’m deeply outraged expression of the President in his claims against the non-state media about the torture his kids.’s His kids as Seviarynets Dashkevich organization" Partnership, "the Young tormented by" chemistry "and lumberjacks?’s His kids katuyutstsa small pensions and salaries or dismissed? I think his kids are contrary to the law holds the highest "dust-free" position and are quite poor people. Speaking of Putin’s daughters generally have no disk imaging. Apparently, behave more timidly. Thank you. "
Carenko Victor: "Good morning. I wanted to say, although rather too late about the Belarusian opposition, which went to America. It was exactly as the Great Russian princes drove from the Horde for the labels on board. So such an act, this opposition does not cause me any trust . Bless you. Thank you. "
Man: "My outlook is that the Bucks, who had brought from America Liabedzka rustled. Dramatically worsened the situation with the ideology. Started barking at Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, these traitors who work for dollars to America and the West. Where the conscience of these traitors? Freedom words, democracy …. Pretty us democracy. Our town untainted. stores in just enough work there. What do they want? Man to man a friend, comrade and brother. No. razyadnovvayuts Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. These Slavic peoples! They We are willing to surrender to the West. And there we were all alone crush, that the Slavic peoples on earth was not. Why are these traitors do not think about it! No, they have no conscience! Milinkevich went to Leningrad. What? He is studying the situation.’s my world Stopped! For I do not need to be sick! For Belarus does not need to hurt because we have democracy and freedom of speech! We have a good government! Power is not bad! Putin, Lukashenko and Viktor Yanukovych — people our standard! And that there is nothing to poke them. If they behave, then Milinkevich, Kozulin should … "
Anastas Semenovich: "precious Lord Radio Liberty, good evening! Sincere thank you to the goddess and princes Radio Liberty for yesterday evening dedicated to the book" The area named Kalinouski, "which was conducted by our Director of Prince Alexander Lukashuk. I just resisted the urge to go out and all of you do not kiss. you make a huge deal for our honorable Belarus. Information you once a day pass on the air, people wake up from our sleep, forcing to think why we live very poorly. Individual Bolsheviks utter that we have war . Question and with whom to wage war? With our heroes Belarus "the Young Front"? On their need to pray and to fully support, I am writing to our listeners. We need to work more with relatives and friends and explain to them that no elections, not counting heresy. That’s why we so live. Where dictatorship, not counting poverty nothing. Thank you. "
Man: "Listen, well, how can on Saturdays and Sundays fooling people?"
AnatolSuharusha, Brest: "Welcome!" I think a big mistake Viktor Yushchenko purpose Yanukovich prime minister, though I think the intentions of Viktor Yushchenko, were quite good. He took into account the balance of forces in the presidential election, and it is almost 50 to 50. Such a purpose was manufactured in the interests of Ukraine and its people. Unfortunately. Did not realize this or not desired to realize a mean Yanukovych to power. And this is the result. "
Ilya Kopil: "Good morning," Freedom. "Looked at Euronews about the events that occurred yesterday in Moscow — a rally party or movement" Other Our homeland. "Russians can congratulate the birth of their opposition. This first appearance since August 1991 year. 1993 I do not recall, it was an attempt of the fascist-communist perversion. Moscow riot police from time to time came to Minsk Minsk riot police for help, and to practice. currently have their own work has appeared there. Maybe we will be easier to this. Thank you for your attention. "
Zinoviev: "To Moscow and Minsk Tymoshenko bloc motto" Stop living by the rules! "So lose legitimacy because so Julia can not stand."
Constant listener: "It is not necessary to explain what the kids and for us as our hearts should be rooting for them, that they were healthy, smart and have their life has developed. But the Nazis, gangsters in Russia … The State Duma … I’ve read the article and with a bit of brain left. They passed a law which can be sell house, not counting children. Millions of kids will be thrown into the street. There are things going, that even in times of war, civilians were less. Then as our countryman Dzerzhinsky fought for the fact that the kids were well-kept. Cheka was tasked. Ah well. Anything can read and do not care. But we need to look directly at people who do. But what were fighting for kids, Receivers, orphanages, fought for them, for these children. And at this point, all the bottom up. So here’s Nazi Duma … Just no words to say. It’s scary. And so millions of underprivileged kids in Russia. "
"Insults toward listeners"
"That’s about all this interview Lukashenko media. He rejects the validity of many issues, and emphasizes Tipo we better than in Ethiopia. And he, on this basis with their lackeys builds economic policy. Disturbs His financial policy, when she worries. So you think the same, how and what to do. And then I did not realize what he had read. And if you take the questions he asked, I would put him at 90% "unsatisfactory." Since the subject was not disclosed and designated as what to do. He fumed. So says as heartily. As sensuously! We do not want emotions! We need pragmatism, practice, etc. specifics. And they say that meet on clothes, escorted by the brain. We must admit that we live in smallish, weak and why, and it must make, that it was not. That’s what you need to do interviews, we live very smallish. Some have a layer that escaped and for what reasons. Impart
ially tell, explain to, then people usvoyut and have bitterness remains. Resentment remains. Oh, so it was necessary. What are you afraid? Pensions are the same. What sort of retirement? Wages more or less raised in enterprises, those that work there are already wage from 800 to a million or more. But still a large mass of people live very poorly, very poorly. "
Misha Sharnavski, Orsha, "Hi. If Mao Zedong asked what did make the Bolsheviks during the revolution and before the war in the time of Stalin, he replied that" durachiny thrashed smart. "That Bolshevism and vorachivaetsya in Belarus and in Russia. Bless you. "
Nicholas: "Power deliberately refuses to register the youth organization" Young Front "and immediately attracts criminal liability even schoolchildren, members of this organization. Shame! Intimidate patriotic youth — futile effort! Extermination in the country of the Belarusian and distraught Russification is repulsed by the very best of our youth. arise more and more new fighters for freedom, which strengthen the Belarusian civilization. And because "Young Front" invincible and will live, because he lived a young Belarus. Yunykh not broken, do not pause, do not hold back! They prevail! "
Lady: "If fan of Lukashenko, who called, it would be 16 years old, he could to forgive the fact that he does not think and can not understand the events in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. But judging by his voice, a man in a fairly mature age. He should be shameful for what he does not see the difference in the events, I stick occur in these countries. Ukraine relaxed people came to the main square of Kiev, put up tents, meeting for the second week. No they do not disperse, not throw no arrests. Same in Kyrgyzstan: people quietly in public gives his outlook. And remember, an adherent of Lukashenko, 25 March 2006-2007. On the day in Minsk on Freedom Square Kalinowski generally not allowed. Subway blocked demonstrators dispersed and beaten, arrested many activists, etc.. This lukashist own views are not expressed. Belarus, unfortunately, lives by the rules dictator Lukashenko and Ukraine by European rules of President Viktor Yushchenko. To use force against his own people, he is not willing. Yes, I wish that was normal in Belarus president and she lived by European rules. "
Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " I hear that a person reads on Radio Liberty that all people utter in Belarus that we do not want to live under this government, we do not want to live in this country, then there will be changes. But this is not true. We have so many people and so much pressed by making disgusting to humans. How many Russians live here! They defend bureaucracy. And how many people they are pulled into a dark spot. And they fear at the moment, so there was no change. This government they help because they think that will be responsible for a different power. May not suffer, but they think so. And they also support the bureaucracy. So where’s the will wait! Against the will need to change to do. And you, Radio Liberty, please, and around the world not to look at any people. You’re all you know. Thank you for your attention. "

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