Lew Sapieha anniversary celebrated in regions of Belarus

As said chairman public associations "Society Belarusian language Skarina name "Oleg Cowards, all regional executive committees, not counting the Mogilev, sent applets activities initiated TBM.
Oleg Trusov quotes a letter from Deputy Chairman Brest Regional Executive Committee Leonid Tsuprik: "In This year will be a memorable character in honor of Lew Sapieha in the former village Ruzhany where XYI century was the residence of Chancellor majestically Duchy of Lithuania. In the museum-estate "PRUZHANY palatsak" opens focused on certain subjects exposure. Recital on the anniversary theme will be held at the Municipal Institute of Brest. "
At the initiative of the TBM, the Society of Belarusian schools, public fund of the Lev Sapieha and other non-governmental organizations in the educational establishments of Belarus now occur lectures and seminars. Lida historical museum is hosting an exhibition of the museum and days of school. In Nyasvizh brand new street will be named Lew Sapieha. We study the same opportunity in Minsk.
But for the anniversary and did not realize the first project in Belarus monument Chancellor ON. There is a formal decision of the Belarusian art-expert council of the Ministry of Culture to establish a monument in Slonim. But the creator of the monument Lev Sapieha, known Belarusian architect Ivan Misko says that the government has not yet had spent on the job or 1st rate.

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