Liabedzka called come to October Square

Three candidates from the United civilian party — Anatoly Lebedko, Stanislav Bogdanovich and Anna Egorova — Handed over to the newspaper "Respublika" general utility for publication. But it refused to print edition. According to the deputy head editor Misha Valkovsky, candidates have broken the law:
"They presented the program from the party. You feel the difference between applets and applets party candidate? There is a law, which I am motivated. Along the white black There is written — four thousand characters applets candidate individually that he will do, to make life better. And instead of this brought a huge "carrot", which in any size can not fit. "
By Anatoly Lebedko, served text from 3 candidates stand right size.
"They do not know that we have and the party nomination and we all go as members of the UCP. And our election programm — this programm, adopted at the party congress. Just do not like the part program that makes the analysis of the current situation. It is very tough, critical . And the government newspaper, apparently not willing to read it. We see this as censorship. We think how to get out of this situation, because any appeal to the prosecutor and the tribunal are stupid. "
Now Liabedzka this radio broadcast on "Capital". In a recorded statement, he urged voters to September 28 to come out.
"If there is a falsification, the need to protest against this. And I read about it must go out. Can not recognize this election campaign neither fair nor legitimate. "
Now the first deputy chairman of the BPF Party Vintsuk Vyachorka CEC refused to register as a candidate. Vyachorka political solution referred to it:
"My non-registration, non-registration as well as a huge number of democratic candidates, again confirms that the elections reflect the will of the people as we do not have."
Commenting on the election campaign, Vyachorka said:
"The authorities, the company is not necessary. Where they will, where they draw the desired results because the party in election commissions eyes. Maybe somewhere and they especially do not need to appear. Playing Tipo liberalization focused only outside. We know, living in Belarus, that no special liberalization compared with previous campaigns not completely. Faster opposite. "
Deputy Chairman of the BPF Viktor Ivashkevich refusal of registration did not appeal:
"Since the Sejm decided BPF withdraw candidates. And I spend without approval of the candidate campaign against electoral farce on its own surrounded by distributing campaign materials, the organization pickets."

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