Liberty Poll: How do you assess personality Yeltsin?


Reporter became clear that Boris Yeltsin died. How do you rate this person? "
Man: "the first president he is the first president who has with Belarus were very excellent case. As will now become clear in a week. "
Woman: "Man, to some extent was outstanding, but because of him and a lot of misery in Russia work out."
Guy: "Not that many know about it, not enough that I can say. Funny man was as president. "
Woman: "It’s difficult, of course, read about this person, but I never called it a positive feeling."
Man: "The war in Chechnya, of course, he’s not true, almost all did, for sure. But, in fact, a man he was not bad."
Woman: "I can not exactly say positive or negative this person."
Man: "Man held some position, doing some duties. I can only posoboleznovat his relatives. "
Lady: "In general, he had a strong personality. People will naturally feel sorry for him."
Man: "Nothing disgusting this man did not. In Russia, for sure, if it was happy life. "
Man: "Nothing he did decent. Well, democracy, freedom, but you need to keep everything under control. That Putin — it means all. "
Lady: "He still was the principal person for Russia, and we Belarus. But he man was not bad ".
Man: "Yeltsin — is the first reduction wave of. As will be — is unclear. "
Woman: "the first president of Russian Federation. I have been associated with the name of Yeltsin Russian disintegration of the Union."
Man: "It’s bad, he was not. And I think, that all this restructuring and democracy, and the destruction Russian Union — it all started not with Gorbachev and Yeltsin. "

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