Liberty Poll: What is remarkable today you Easter?

Young Man: "Oh, I do not know. Did the weather has changed, and so … It seems like all the earlier in life is nothing new."
Lady: "We celebrate so as ancestors taught us. We Catholics go to church and celebrate every Easter, as taught by the ancestors. And all ".
Woman: "Weather in another, snow falls, everything is fine."
Young Man: "The weather changed for the worse throughout the slot."
Lady: "In any case, Easter is a very decent prazdnichkom. All the kids and grandkids were with us and pointed out, as usual."
Man: "In This year, seems more solemnly celebrated the Passover. Certainly, people believe in God. In past years, many people in church on Easter and churches had no means believe. This is to the best. "
Man: "Weather prevented prazdnichkom as ever."
Woman: "The weather is not good, but if a person wants, that he was fine, that was prazdnichek, then he does it. A feature of this Easter — I was walking on day of birth to her friend. "
Man: "And it is not anything special remarkable. Somehow boring, no prazdnichka in the shower."
Woman: "On this Easter in April suddenly snowed. Here …"
Woman: "Is that the weather — and even the fact that Easter is celebrated in all Christian denominations in one day. And I have first time got on the vigil, more felt prazdnichek, was very solemnly in the shower. I liked it very much. There wasabout a lot of people felt when we together, we all look more festive. "
Her friend: "Even despite the fact that it snowed in the afternoon, when we woke up, festive mood and we did not leave the leaves until now, there prazdnichek."
Man: "Weather. General, once at Easter always good weather, but the prices in the shops grow and wages remain the same — this is …"
His wife: "Horrible we have a future. Kind and war is not peace, but at the same time — there is no life."
Lady: "Nothing for me it is not special, I do not celebrate such prazdnichkom."
Woman: "It is bad that mon working day, not even now get together with family, since we very rarely come home."
Lady: "At the moment, more people believe in it, and you can freely enter the temple — I it is very enjoy. Excellent, that people began to believe, he is currently near to God, as they say . "

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