Lida communal struggle with satellite antennas

Inhabitant of the 1st of neighborhoods Lida Sergey Koval recalls that the requirements to remove the satellite antenna sounded a year earlier.
It was just other day of the presidential election, but later case like quiet. And suddenly began again calls to holders of ZhESa plates.
"Again a call from ZhESa and invited to come to make me a warning, and if whereupon I did not rent a satellite dish, I was fined 15 basic units, which is about 700 bucks, "- said Sergey Koval lidchuk.
In Leeds ZhESe know about number 3 this dilemma. Senior Master Teresa Lazovskaja refers to an order that came from the regional housing and utilities, also annotation Lida utilities. According to her, forbidden to use personal satellite antenna.
The terrain GEN number 3 is about two hundred personal satellite dishes.
Acting Chief ZhESa Orsha sovereign states that have to obey orders from above:
"Immediately warn later post ad when people do not withdraw, whether we shoot."
Deputy Chairman of the Lida housing and utilities Victor Voytulevich noted that such an antenna is prohibited on secure homes without permission. This rule is still in 1990, but seventeen years housekeeping services do not send him any attention.
Ask the emperor Voytulevich why specifically at the moment there are such requirements?
"How can it gain a foothold there, this antenna, no one did not do any project, nobody knows how it is firmly secured. And if she fall down? .."
To all sovereign Voytulevich believes antenna spoil the view of streets, well, is not aware of — what people personal antennas, when the whole town has cable TV and there you can see the 30 programs.
Ask whether Lida long observed such intrigued to satellite antennas?
"In some places, the last two or three years. Just a splash with these plates out "- says Vatulevich.
The owner of personal satellite dish Sergey Koval believes that such makarom authorities try to limit eligibility for disk imaging. All TV channels broadcast by the municipal company "Garant" under control. Sergei is even going to sue the local community services:
"Want to make a precedent, and if funds permit to hire a lawyer, you could sue for public utilities. Believe that it could would win in court. "

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