Liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy, no money, and the line of Stalin, Zhukov monument is …

Pensioner Sianno, Vitebsk. "Good morning, respectful Radio Liberty. I’m calling about your question about the ability of nuclear power plant construction in the terrain of Belarus. I am categorically against such nuclear power plant in Belarus. Belarus has not yet recovered from the effects of the disaster on Chernobyl. Significant contaminated area for several centuries, and it will live on our kids and grandkids.
Better to pay for electricity, we pay, but to be measured, that there will be another surprise peaceful atom for which will have to pay compensation to other states. In particular, unsafe nuclear power plant construction in the modern conditions and modern power. Need to reduce energaemkasts of products through the introduction of modern technology, one hundred percent use their own energy. And if we have enough electricity at the moment, then I think it will be enough for the next years. And then we’ll see. And there let electricity Chernobyl will count economists and energy. And if they would be ecstatic … "
"Good morning, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty! Offered hold a referendum whether to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus. Which we were promised the authorities to conduct, but later for some reason have forgotten about it. And offer the following two issues: the legitimacy of the president, who participated in the falsification of the presidential 2006 elections, as he told reporters, and preterm presidential election. Finally congratulations to all employees of Radio Liberty with days of Victory. Thank you for your attention. "
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "Good evening, pochetaemye friends and authorities put Sinitsyna Parfenovich like pawns on a chessboard, to find out what the reaction in the society about putting Belarus into the Russian Empire. But despite the manifesto mentioned politicians, we will appreciate adore and save our Motherland, to fight for its independence and the future. Long live Belarus! Thank you. "
Jora Abramovich Krupski, Doctor of Preventive Medicine, Polotsk "World Scientists advanced countries in the world on the environment. Unless we wised up, in other words do not start building their private, public, economic and public life in accordance with the laws of nature, we can get closer to an unsecured line beyond which life comes degeneration and collapse of the existing civilization. Obviously, life is indestructible, it does not matter what energy fighter. But we are foolish people live presently ignorant, do not wish to take advantage of the mind, which we are gifted by nature from birth, in barbaric poison the air, water, the environment.
So we do not need life. And they will remove us as cleaned Atlyantydu other civilizations, the Old World. It will create new and new living creatures before the time, until they begin to respect her life. "
Man: "Good morning, Radio Liberty. Yesterday Russian channels showed festive reburial in Khimki 6 Russian pilots. Relatives of victims through the power that eventually moved to the Plaza remains to the cemetery, where they must be, where there was a place where you can come and put flowers. Leaves very curious. With one side, people thank their own power, not just for the transfer, and the destruction of the monument, so at this point to build a cottage. Thanks for that This process lost one bag with the remains of about than saidand one of senatarak … "
Man: "Lukashenka’s Russian historians strongly advocates ignore facts training beginning the second World War. Stalin, along with Hitler in September, 39-year World War II began as allies invaded Poland, hidden under a protocol to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. After the partition of Poland on September 28 again contract was signed between Germany and the Union of Russian friendship and border. Captured by Russian Union got about 25 thousand Polish officers, who six months later by a decision of the Politburo secretly executed in Katyn near Smolensk.
In practice, these agreements between Stalin and Hitler gave the "green light" for Hitler’s seizure of Western Europe, and Stalin to capture Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and parts of Finland, where, after the start of mass repression and terror against the local population. And on January 30, 1940 between the Russian Union and Germany signed a contract trade and economic, on which 18 months in Germany were trains and ships with strategic products. So Stalin fertilize Germany for hundreds of millions of dollars. About the beginning of the war and its course in 1941, the propagandists ignore the facts that for this time was captured about five million Red Army soldiers, of whom about two thirds died from hunger and cold. Strongly silenced and humiliated the amount of aid the U.S. and Russian Union of Great Britain, which also achieved about 500 billion dollars. All this you will not find in today’s history books and these facts do not know the majority of Belarusians ".
Man: "Faced transfer programs to Poland for May 8 and 9. And what was amazing to any transfer of the war and the victory. Though he had not been September 1, 1931, allegedly was not Auschwitz and other concentration camps in the area of Poland. Neuzh something they liked so Gestapo truncheons and Shepherd that does not even remember the last war and victory, the rebels in Warsaw? I think Czechoslovakia and also not forgotten May 8, 1945, when the rebellious Prague calling for help. Then came Reddish Army. Little memory but in humans. "
Lady: "Here comes a day of victory. I hunt congratulate our veterans. But again, I wish to say that it would be difficult to meet today victory, as well the highest price. Even hapless cucumbers, tomatoes over 5 thousand. Not every veteran will be able to afford it themselves. My heart aches for our veterans, as my grandfather put his head in defense of our homeland Belarus. But I hunt only ask why so many around negligence. Why is it so do not worry about our veterans! It hurts my soul, but I can not do anything, because no one does not like the truth. When you speak the truth, you begin to humiliate your kids. My father lived his whole life without a father. He visited our clinic Navagrudzkaya where very carelessly he was treated. I resent this attitude to the people, nor the usual food or medical attention staff only rude, just insults, only insults at least some rights. What little we have the level of medicine! When he finally rise a little? "
Lady: "Good evening," Freedom! "Travelling Dmitry Bartosik on" Stalin Line "Prof. journalistic work. Instead of the word" professor "hunt say that-is grateful and pleasant. Thank you! Thank you! What political cynicism: liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy no money, and the line of Stalin, Zhukov monument there — if only to please the Kremlin. There are funds for different pyshnovatye solemn celebrations, marches, concerts, even on May 9.
I agree with those who believe that 9 May should be a day of prayer, flowers, quiet grief. In a terrible fire of war died every fourth, or maybe even every third Belarusian. Why all this splendor? Just to live and see the different Belarus. Other! And most importantly, other relations between people. For me personally, it is very crucial. Continue with the Belarusian Union of Youth. Now read this Michas Scoble. It is very fundamentally. The school is very fooled by the youth, spoiled young souls. Or maybe hear about this Alliance Belarusian youth are young lyudi.I cue stroll with bottles without meaning in life. Thank you. All the best. "
Ivanov, Smorgon: "Here are planning to repeal benefits disabled 1st and 2nd groups. Surely our government in connection with a hole in the budget from increasing prices on Russian gas to recoup these defenseless people. Let these deputies of the National Assembly for themse
lves cut millions of salaries One second, privileges. Why do they take vengeance on quite defenseless people? This frees ailing free medicines after a heart attack, this is live in a financial hole pounding! Doskorogo goodbye. "
Anastas S.: "Very dear friends of Radio Liberty, good evening I wish you all the listeners of Radio Liberty, you, beloved and dearest Radio Liberty congratulate congratulate Victory. Harder for you health, I also wish to say a sincere thank you for your sincere and unbiased information that for lukashistov not hear that from lukashistov not hear. Long live Belarus! "

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