Lithuania Eurovision singer will present the Belarusian surname

4FUN rock band began performing under this title in 2001, although the stage experience and singer Julia Rytchyk favorite group — almost 13 years. Group acts in clubs and live music at various music festivals in Lithuania and adjacent states with her.
The band’s repertoire is diverse in style music — from rock to disco. At Julia Rytchyk two degrees — pragramistka and teacher British language. She has 11 years of experience as a teacher British language in high school.
In This year 4FUN participated in the Lithuanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest is the third time. While in Lithuania more recognizable to fans of the group alive than fans of pop music, the proposed lyrical ballad «Love or Leave» («Love or leave," music and lyrics Yu Rytchyk) seized most of sympathy as friends Prof. jury and viewers.
Unique name in Lithuania Rytchyk Julia got from the first wife of Dmitry Rytchyka, whose grandfather was a Belarusian.

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