Lukashenko acknowledged the deteriorating economic situation in Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko admitted that a sharp increase in prices in the Belarusian economy energoelementy began to show bad trend.
First this decrease the effectiveness of management and production growth. Eight of the nineteen predictive characteristics are not met.
Together with the fact, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus’ economy in the first quarter as a whole has evolved steadily. According to the Belarusian leader, much time was spent, that the government got rid of the shock and confusion after the price increase energoelementy.
With all this financial policy of Belarus should maintain a social orientation, said Alexander Lukashenko:
"The government has started to sound like the voice of the need to adjust or even change of economic course, we will consider it a personal opinion."
The Belarusian leader believes energy conservation a priority given the current situation. Alexander Lukashenko and read about the problems of competitiveness of Belarusian products in the domestic market due to the signing of an agreement on trade and economic cooperation with Russia.
The Belarusian leader said: "I warn the government that these liberal manners, as in Russia, we do not work."
Alexander Lukashenko reminded behalf of the government to make up the loss from price increases on Russian energy price payment for services rendered by the Russian Federation in the Belarusian countryside.
"Debriefing" in the Belarusian government will continuecamping, says managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika:
"The president just showed that the situation worsened in comparison with 2006th. Also the fact that he this situation keeps the same rate, which suggested the government, which insists on this day. And third, he main point — it kankurentnasts Belarusian products. "
According to Leonid Zaika, the greatest difficulty here — on the Russian market. Our homeland exposes very highest quality barriers for Belarusian meat and milk, and light industries. And then expected to be very severe consequences for the entire national economy, predicting Leonid Zaika.
The central idea of this meeting Alexander Lukashenko — a statement of the immutability of the economic policy, the economist Mike Zaleski.
"By this statement accumulate quite significant things. During 1-x, tangible impact on the configuration of prices energoelementy. But the attempt to reach the sense through a centralized economy seems pretty confident. Savings in must interested huge number of people who run businesses. A market mechanism such as another would not. On the other hand, the attempt in the government or management companies someway liberalize the establishment always stops. "

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