Lukashenko in Baku: We have found there is not a bad support

At a press conference namely the Belarusian president said:
"Believe me, there, in the center of Europe did you find for yourself is not bad support, sturdy reliable friends. And we’re convinced that the poor have found no support in the Caucasus — both economically and politically and diplomatically plan.
And that very principle — our affairs denied any negligent policy. We are fully convinced that if cooperating on Gas Oil, by industry, in other areas — it does not entail political pressure, as is often the case in cooperation with other states. "
Ilham Aliyev said that the political decision to cooperate with Belarus in the oil and gas industry in Baku accepted. He added:
"For us, cooperation on the issue of diversification of supplies always mattered more efficient use of our natural resources.
Now from Azerbaijan to Europe and the world oil transported by three pipelines and oil transportation via the Odessa-Brody pipeline. We gave his political support to this project.
In Azerbaijan, the political decision on cooperation between our countries in the field of oil and gas operations. Now it’s up spice to the economic conditions were counted these projects, the commercial side.
We know about intrigued by Belarusian companies to Azerbaijani oil deposits. We also welcome this enthusiasm. And I know now already conducted consultations at the level of our respective companies to participate in oil projects in Azerbaijan Belarusian companies. On our side, there is full support in this issue . "

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