Lukashenko now refers to another message

Head of the Commission for Education, Culture, Science and scientific and technical progress the House of Representatives Vladimir Zdanowicz says that the president’s message for members is always an important event:
"Despite a number of programs that have been adopted, there is some adjusting them. And from time to time we do not all knowledge of those so to speak, deep currents in the life of our country. Because the president’s speech is always expected with a special look. This is explained by the fact that in this speech, and will be marked with a very fundamental points our country.
And this applies not only to our country’s relations with neighboring states, for example, with the Russian Federation, neuvvyazkami gas. In general, there is a conversation about how we will live in lately. "
Managing deputy group "Respublika" in the House of Representatives prior convocation Sergei Skrabets listened to several messages roundly hall Alexander Lukashenko. He believes that "in the near future, this procedure turned into a mere formality":
"Deputies, are presently are in the House, always support all that reads President. Even without taking into account that it is good for the Belarusian people or not. Because in practice it Lukashenko message to yourself. The content of this message is repeated from year to year — life is better, and will be even better. Also that some enemies around us — Our homeland, European Union, United States. "
Political scientist, Ph.D. Vyacheslav Orgish states that "usually in such letters sovereign Lukashenko solves puzzles related to his PR, and that worried him":
"Of course, in This year problems much more than they were a year or two or three back. In this These problems solved by the usual method is unrealistic. Need to deal with economic restructuring reforms. A just it do not hunt him.
Hunt him continue the previous policy, play integration with Russia. And for this game to get some loans, dividends, etc. And because Lukashenka will try using old stamps Belarusian and foreign assure the public that the boundaries of his possession okay. That the crisis associated with the Belarusian-Russian gas and oil conflict, overcome. That the situation is under control. Social situation of the people that will not aggravate … "

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