Lukashenko: opposition is not able to make contact with the authorities

"I will never be removed from international aid and offered the opposition together to solve Chernobyl difficulties. But I do not know what they (the opposition) will do with all this. Maybe trample asphalt in Minsk, going "Chernobyl Way"? Or something else they can do? "
According to the manager of the country, "if combined, then you need to go to the Chernobyl regions with certain things and not necessarily go directly to the president. Maybe western part of the proceeds to unfasten, to ask the West to restore funds for Chernobyl prepyadstviya rather than democracy and freedom, they (the opposition) require "- said President of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko believes that the opposition is not profitable to make contact with the authorities:
"I do not quite believe the statements, so called favorites opposition who wish Tipo do something together. They do not need it, as if "together", then it means the West will not. They will have to find these funds in Belarus. And here you can find them only garbatsyachysya working. "
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