Lukashism — difficult historical phenomenon …

Many of our listeners remember the case of a public activist from Mogilev Christina Shatsikava. Recently the days of Freedom, March 23, Christina, after talks in Mogilev the KGB people in civil unwillingly taken to the city psychiatric clinic, where he was kept for a number of days.
Some human rights activists and politicians believe that this incident may indicate recovery system in Belarus, Russian punitive psychiatry.
Their experiences with the authorities and psychiatry shared listener in a letter from the village of Victor Makarevich Nyarovy Volozhin district:
"I once Time was similar case. However, then, 20 years ago, the opposition were not discussed. In my case, it all started with complaints of police wrongdoing. For those complaints and I got on healing forced psychiatric clinic.
And I was there, so to speak, "cured" as long as eight months. Made it almost instinctive, put the heart (that is felt at the moment, over 20 years). In short, crippled life …
Curiously, in the coming of my complaints against the police have been proved as specific and fair. And so far no one recognized me just perfect crime. I only fed assurances that at any psyhuliku I do not stand up, and therefore, they say, is free in all their actions.
But this is nonsense. I became disabled after the 2nd group, I have undermined health. A crippled destiny? With me everything in life could have turned out differently. And not lost years will roll back, as film. And no one thinks at least recognize evil and repent. As the land is such …
So this girl, Christine Shatsikava still lucky: she was released a day or three. But thanks to people like me. Was also created at the time of the Supreme Council in the investigation of psychiatric repression. Like me, had a lot in Byelorussia. But all the long decayed. But the problem remains … "

Hard read on, that Christine Shatsikava lucky, sire Makarevich. It had to release after, As this case was made public and the details of the case extensively talked about in Belarus and abroad.
In the West, still have not forgotten how psihushku communist regime used in the fight against Russian dissidents. The case is very true with Christina reminded everyone about the past.
Political punitive psychiatry can appear again in this case, when the company will be silent and if people like Christina Shatsikava, left alone with the so-referred to as "medical" in which under the white robe seen straps KGB officers.
Our davneshny listener and creator Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi his new political science reasoning intended topic of public protests in Belarus, their characteristics in comparison with the protests in adjacent countries.
Fundamentally see that my letter sent by the emperor Martinovic before March 25 — in other words, before the results became known more important vernal opposition rally. A listener writes:
"Lukashism — difficult historical phenomenon that will long outlive. And it is not the fact that it will be carried out under the deprivation of ideological opposition today’s favorites.
This mode is still very effective in the management. Change its people will not go the whole mass. Likely revolt more advanced, but the revolution will not be nationwide. In Minsk unhappy advanced eventually can all spit and leave to study and work in the West … "

Next to his own letter Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi tries to draw parallels between the current Belarusian realities and experiences of other Eastern European states. Another quote from the letter:
"Poles — Catholic civilization civilization, united, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians — the language of civilization; Ukrainians — a civilization with a language bias and primordial own search exact differences from Russia. Belarusians — not first, not second or third.
Milinkevich like creature Vintsuk Vyachorka, as a product of the BPF, risks again enter Belarus deadlocks early 1990s when, after garlahvatstva opposition in the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation through tyazheleyschie error Shushkevich and Poznyak Lukashenko to illumine 1993 rapidly gained in popularity until the end of spring of 1994. Pozniak then himself persistently offered through televised debates in the Supreme Council. And for Lukashenko seized the masses themselves.
Experience of, south-east of Ukraine warns: do not expect that in Belarus frisky love for the West, the U.S., NATO, the European Union, which has been in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.
There is a love, which is mixed with the local anti-Russian, antyimperskim nationalism. We, the opposition fail rally on March 25 to begin the evolutionary path for decades. "

Most of the political analysts and observers are inclined to think that the march and rally on March 25 for the opposition were not any special success, no perceptible failure. The action was not mass to testify about any significant changes in the public consciousness, and not such vague and feeble, as, of course, expected power, spending the other day her extensive campaign of preventive arrests, detention and intimidation.
Naturally, the hopes of those who waited on March 25 some fateful turn in the modern history of Belarus did not materialize. Although special reasons for such hopes and was not.
The dramatic story of a personal life told in a letter to the "Freedom" of our listeners from Mogilev Nicholas scraping.
History in a few words like that. Family sovereign scraping in time disintegrated. Small daughter stayed with his wife. Later misfortune: ex-wife died of cancer diseases. A daughter stayed with patron — sister late mother, his own aunt. Nicholas scraping all probable methods tries to return her daughter, who has 14 years, but without result.
"When I suggested wards return my daughter, she flatly refused and immediately began to configure girlfriend against me. Suspect that her claim as if it were I povinet in death of her mother.
Courts (and the district and regional) request for return my daughter left without gratification. So as not to lose the mind and wash down with grief, I had to ask for help in their psyhaterapevta hospital, where he received outpatient healing with the diagnosis "syndrome of grief."
Where am I just not addressed written complaints — from anywhere only get formal replies, public bureaucrats nod at each other. District Education puts pressure on teachers of the school, where she learns the daughter — to prevent any contact with her.
My try to explain with her daughter, she said that if appointed guardianship, in other words, I am not able to raise her. And clearly gives realize that considers me motherfucker. It got to the point that his own daughter did not even talk to me on the phone.
Our courts, I no longer hope. Maybe the European Tribunal of Human Rights has promoted would my failure? "

The dramatic story in which hard to be an arbitrator and advisor. Especially given the fact that many details of the incident and the complex relationship between father and daughter were, of course, beyond the letter.
Fourteen year old teenage girl — has almost formed personality, with its (albeit small) life story, his experience, his childhood memoirs … I do not think the emperor scraping her love and trust can be returned using the court (even euro — even more so, that the European Court of Human Rights case not considered Belarusian, Belarus does not go to the Council of Europe).
Past failures to comprehend, receive forgiveness, regain the trust and respect is almost an adult, in fact, make up for what was lost 5 and 10 years ago, when your daughter was small — it is able to do once you yourself, sire scraping. Patience for you this case and of success.
At the end of a letter from Ales kutsee Shustov from Borisov:
"According to the municipal TV channels These days ar
often twist marketing video about Leeds flour. Advertising is on the whiteRussian language, but for some reason, the text uses the word "Easter".
Should explain that in the Belarusian language Hebrew word "Easter" (or "Passover" or "pace") is absent. Indeed, in our language have enough apt word "Easter", which accurately captures the essence of this majestic Christian prazdnichka. In general, it would be more correct to use the word in the Russian language. Can hear these my remarks metropolitan patriarchy and listen to them. "

Indeed, sire Shustov, the word "Easter" comes from the Hebrew into Greek, and then — in Russian. And it was fixed. Hardly the Russian Orthodox Church want renounce him for zapazychvannya in the Belarusian language. Essentially, that the Belarusians themselves more gently and carefully treated to their own linguistic wealth.
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