Lunches Ivyanets Lord Their detour to not collide. Bureaucrats alone for himself, but for ordinary people themselves for themselves


Reporter: "feed us?"
Barmaid: "No".
Reporter: "Why?"
Barmaid: "we do not have kitchens. Only sandwiches."
Reporter: "How did it — cafe and without food?"
Barmaid: "We have previously worked as a dining room. Everything is prepared."
Reporter: "And you have a lot of guests?"
Barmaid: "Enough. Especially on the weekends. If you look at the increase in their spirits, they unprofitable. Contrary shop — there take and come here. Rides And we have them."

Now I am invited to dinner artistic control Ivyanets Culture House Valery Mazur. Meet in a cafe "Youth". In the afternoon we were the first and only customers. Since this afternoon from the barmaid we did not have gained, there is nothing for it but to order coffee and sandwiches.
Reporter: "Do you have five thousandth town of worldly life?"
Mazur: "The place where we are, this cafe is called" Mystery "- People’s option. Usually on the weekends here going youngsters. Whereupon they go to the disco. We have a movie theater, but there is little audience. And since more and no place to go. "
In the central square Ivenets few stalls businessmen.

I noticed in the midst of traders pensioner Galina jackals. In January Galina threw venture rich on trade. Then in an interview told me that no longer will work at the kiosk. And in March I prystroyvayusya in finding buyers and forward their own hours.
Shakal "What, gentlemen?"
Reporter: "Again began to trade?"
Shakal: "We should. Scion of nowhere and not settled. Did you think I would have had trade, so that the offspring are not needed help? I would sit on the stove and warmed to his shoulders. "
Reporter: "How is trade?"
Shakal, "Oh … what is read!"
Reporter: "That people take? "
Shakal: "Fruits".
Reporter: "At what amount takes one person?"
Shakal: "In two or three thousand. Occasionally when someone else."
Reporter: "In the last time we spoke, we had hoped that you would lift retirement. Raised?"
Shakal: "No. The country also means no. Budget rather weak."
Reporter: "Are you planning to cover the roof of the house. Blocked? "
Shakal: "For what I am blocked!? From what I can gather so much money? Yet soon this will be."
Reporter: "Before the new year will block?"
Shakal: "Hardly. Necessary to get firewood. And they are expensive. 180 thousand vehicle."
Reporter: "And how much is necessary for the winter?"
Shakal: "Two cars. How much I need to save to gather firewood."
Valeriy Mazur lives in Ivyanets 1996. Zenevich himself from the village, which is 15 kilometers from Ivenets. Valery says that Ivianiec — it is a real small homeland, because he appeared on the light in the maternity ward Ivyanets clinic.

Valerie Mazur we discuss how three months of 2007 inhabitants Ivenets exchanged welfare.
Reporter: "It’s changed the price?"
Mazur: "We have to somehow get out. Enough moneymaker — buy rural gilt and stab him myself."
Reporter: "How many rural gilt worth?"
Mazur: "Live weight — 3700 rubles per kilogram."
Reporter: "How much of it out of pure meat?"
Mazur: "Ninety pounds."
Reporter: "how many pounds of pork is currently worth?"
Mazur: "Under the seven thousand. I saved hundreds of thousands, if not more."
I skirovvayusya to the permanent member of the "Dining in Ivyanets" pensioner Nikolai Kukso.
Sovereign Kukso can be called a chronicler of life Ivenets. He walks a lot where. Everywhere and everyone is trying to bring their attention to the life and political perkananni. So Makar, news digest in the month of Nicholas Kukso.
Kukso: "Recently Radunitsa, when the city was the trade, came for three teams: fire, tax and Sanitation center. They created a real roundup of personal shopping for what they are trading products that run adjacent to Ivyanets Grodno region. So Makar, it turns out that we can not have high-quality products. "
Reporter: "They tried to get people to clarify the executive committee or the village council?"
Kukso: "What is the explanation? With whom there can be read?"
Reporter: "With the bureaucrats?"
Kukso "Lord Their people bypass so as not to face. Bureaucrats alone for yourself, and the ordinary people alone for themselves. "

Reporter: "In the month since our last meeting on how prices have changed?"
Kukso: "I can not say much, but the price of eggs rose twice already. Whenever 10 rubles."
After speaking to give Kukso I’m looking for a meeting with one of the officials. This vertikalschika participated in the first edition of "dinner." Then he assured me that the increase in prices will not pull energoelementy rapid rise in prices and utility charges.
Sovereign also boasted that, namely, in his own apartment, modern throughout energaashchazhalnyya bulb. Allegedly, they cost more mundane, but a month on electricity saving Cancel penny.
I find bureaucrat at his workplace in the office. Not even time to say hello, as I hear this:
Chynovnnik: "I’m busy Do you really forgive me. And I would not want to read to you. Please find someone else and talk to him. Can be free."
Back to the conversation with artistic director of the House of Culture Ivyanets Valery Mazur. Discuss how increased charges for public utility services.
Sovereign Mazur lives in an apartment building. It is heated by a gas fired boiler, regardless of the central nervous system.
Mazur: "Gas prices have changed, and I have all the gas heating. Normally pay 20 thousand, and now paid 40 — felt the increase. Do not know what will be next month. If the price will rise, I still have the boiler for solid fuel. I will not be hard to reposition it back. With fuelwood problems in Belarus as yet to be no. "
Vavchevski: "How to calculate the rent — Over the phone, for light, for gas, disgusted and could not believe my very grieved Stas. Zaitsev tiny remains no more than chickens on salt. And here confess failed: Played you, brother, not the role . He raced in the ranks of the electorate, as on cell of animal, always had low wages — same pension at the moment. "
This poem written arithmetic Ivenets school teacher Ivan Vavchevski. He went was to retire, but was asked to work more.
In the past we have seen handbills for the fate of his cat Martha. In the first days of this year Ivan Mavchevski significantly curtailed the amount of fish in her diet. Instead of capelin and sprat Martha offered sausage.
Vavchevski: "My family — I will not say that already survives, my family still lives yet. And my cat ate the fish in March as whiting and eats. Ignores blood sausage and liverku. We still do not crash."

Reporter: "The last time we had read that the school introduced a very tough economy. What is there at the moment, the mood?"
Vavchevski: "The question arose — return Dzerzhinsky school or not. Escaped: 17 — return, 16 — against. Even back in school working people for whom Dzerzhinsky — something superior. They do not understand the other."
Reporter: "How can you to comment on the very fact that this question come from?"
Vavchevski: "In one school district adjacent bears the name. Certain employees who are caregivers of this school were secured investors. They bestowed students blades, sports suits. Our climbed here too:" Yeah, we lost a piece! Could something and we -what to have! "
Teachers get accustomed to Dzerzhinsky, and the descendants of the case Felix — to school.
The other day, March 25, coupled with the KGB Volozhin district police staged a raid in real operational Ivenets school. The purpose — todo likely to students not headed for 60 km in the near Minsk to celebrate Freedom day.
Young Man: "Go scare" you all passed! Not going anywhere. 25th sitting at home, because it will be bad luck: great leaders fly out of school, the ancestors — work with you anywhere in Belarus can not trained. "They came from the KGB. Asked to show his hands. Certain I even inspected the bags."
Reporter: "And what did they find?"
Young Man: "Baubles with the inscription" For Freedom. "
Reporter: "How behaved teacher?"
Young Man: "Some before the KGB is in the class, ran and read:" Hide your that someone is, because there is a check. "And some minutes passed showed who beheld it. These are the teachers."
Café "Youth" for coffee plyastykovkami we finish the conversation with Valery Mazur.
Reporter: "You was characterized as a democrat …"
Mazur: "I usually express my thoughts openly. Why should I be afraid? I believe that doing my dignity."
Reporter: "People tend to fear that they will expel from work and terminated the contract."
Mazur: "I am not afraid. I always find work."

Reporter: "You as a director — that would want to put on the stage of the culture?"
Mazur: "Idyll" Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. It is a local issue. What I’m interested in it? There whiteRussian language mixed with Polish. It is burning for our city. And be sure to "Inspector". Exclusively in translation. Palpitating hitherto topic. "
The last thing you put Valeriy Mazur, mourning ceremony on April 26. It was called "Chernobyl Way" — the way of life. "

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