Magazine Plav: Belarusian literature — one of the most exciting in Europe

"Belarus and the literature on Belarusian language is one of the more fascinating cultural phenomena of modern Europe — said in an editorial introduction to the room. — According to the doctrine of the Belarusian country, whiteRussian language should not exist as it is alive. But not all is because they would like strong. WhiteRussian language lives, it makes an extraordinary community of allies, its own policy. "
The room can read stories Vasil Bykov and Yugoslavia Christmas Ales Ryazanov poems, essays Vladimir Orlov and Igor Bobkov, excerpts from the memoirs of Larissa Heniyush interview with Tatiana Protko. Articles Marianne Slobady and Sergei Smotrichenko considering the current situation of the Belarusian language and prepyadstviya Belarusian-Czech translation.

Cover new issue of the magazine "Plav", dedicated to the whiteRussian language and literature

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