MAKS-2013. PROSPECTS T-50 to present serious challenges?

MAKS-2013. PROSPECTS T-50 to present serious challenges?
Demonstration fighter fifth generation T-50 (PAKFA) on Capital MAKS 2013 show that our homeland is experiencing prepyadstviya with adopting new frontline fighter air force, writes August 29.
At the exhibition opening day on August 27 with the role of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev planned to carry out the flight of all four instances of flight T-50, but the show took part only three cars. Analysts from the Russian aerospace industry and related structures have noted that there are several obstacles, which the T-50 must be overcome before it will be considered as resilience design, ready for serial production.
As technological demonstrator Su-47 (1990) T-50 should be an example of industrial capacities for the production of RF composite structures on a large scale and at a reasonable cost. Still, more than 15 years, composite panels and other components of the nodes of T-50 are performed as before in the «manual mode». In order to bring the aircraft to a series, the production base factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KNAAPO) requires significant investments in modernizing equipment.
Now T-50 flies on the same turbofan design 117S/AL-41F «Saturn» / KB them. Cradles, which are on the Su-35. This engine was developed in the late 1980s to 1.42 applets (IFIs) in size. Mikoyan, which was canceled. Development team of «Salute», working on a new turbofan ed. 127/217 claim that they have made «concept and the core of the new engine.» An unnamed Russian military analyst at the research center of the capital said INS Jane’s, that «need a couple of years to realize the design and make a new engine.»
Meanwhile, the third of four prototypes of the T-50 NO50 resettled new radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA) design NIIP (Scientific Research Institute of Instrument them. Tikhomirov — approx. «VP»), which, according to representatives participating in the program some electric companies, «in a test flight showed very encouraging and impressive results.» The problem is that the receiving and transmitting modules (MRP) for the radar are not performed by a commercial company, as is the case with «Zhuk-MA» AFAR, and research and production center «Source,» and created the microwave and other technologies to Russian weapon systems. «Source» is not able to produce antipersonnel mines in production scale, making them unprofitable under the current scheme of production, «they say specialists.
In addition, the aircraft has not yet completed a full program from flight tests to validate features. There are a number of maneuvers for which the methods of control systems still need to be developed and proven.
One of the qualities of programs from the T-50 is the creation of on-board tools within the boundaries of graphics and cost-efficient financing. August 28 CEO «Tactical Missiles Corporation» (Tactical Missiles Corporation) Boris Obnosov told the modernization of existing and development of the latest generation of aircraft armament. Portages made a pretentious statement that creates new air combat missiles, which by its characteristics will be better SD Meteor developing European company MBDA. Yet Obnosov argues that all aircraft armament standards established under the programs from the T-50, will also be included in the range of weapons Su-35. Against this background, many Russian analysts expect that the Su-35 will be performed in large quantities than planned, and will be the basis of Russian Air Force fighter aircraft, if Adopt the T-50 will move away due to technical neuvvyazkami.
The leaders of the United Aircraft Company and «Dry» previously promised President Vladimir Putin that the T-50 will be ready for commissioning by 2015. «It seems there is no chance of withstanding this schedule is as follows, the cost of the aircraft will grow as as delays are included in total program costs,» says one analyst.
MAKS-2013 was the first exhibition where since his own election as president in 2000, Putin was absent. There are signs that specifically prepyadstviya T-50 brought «contribute» in his decision not to attend the opening day at the air show.

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