Malady congratulate Baradulin and Orlov

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Gregory visit Borodulin Milinkevich, Vladimir Orlov and other public figures to congratulate them congratulations. They prepared gifts — painted eggs and postcards that girls made their own hands. Dmitriy Fedoruk, which soon will be judged for his role in an unregistered organization, told" freedom ":
"We decided to get around in this solemn day recognizable politicians recognized writers, writers such as Ryhor Baradulin Alexander Milinkevich, Vladimir Orlov and still some outstanding people with dyed eggs, with our signature gifts to again noted that prazdnichek Easter — prazdnichek Renaissance prazdnichek Liberty prazdnichek vernal awakening of Belarus. "
Lyudmila Atakulava coupled with several girls from producing paper cards.
"These cards are made of paper with Easter motifs, with eggs, with birds, sunshine and vernal mood. I think they will be very nice. In addition, the same card sent to political prisoners, that they did not forget about Easter. "
Vladimir Orlov paid much attention to Malady. He attended activists "Young Front" Soligorsk, Zhodino, Minsk, where they conducted a hunger strike. A couple of times Paul visited in the village of Little Sevyarinets Sitna, where the young man serving a sentence for a company of street demonstrations protest rigged elections and the 2004 referendum. Artur Finkevich visited when he came to the "chemistry" for political graffiti.
"I’m with a great love for" Young Front. "I think that these are the people for whom the future of Belarus. Though I am pleased with how these contacts young people, with whom I Last year was close to the area Kalinowski. "
Most of the activists of "Young Front" belong to the Orthodox faith. Dashkevich, who is serving a sentence for his role in an unregistered organization in Shklou bullpen and Haretski, which will soon be tried on similar charges — Protestants. Many of the Young consciously become Christian believers, despite the fact that were raised in atheist families. Now, as on Sunday, they will visit the church first, and then go to congratulate certain individuals.

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