Malady get any responsibility for nedanyasenne to friends

Activist "Young Front" Zmiter Fedoruk said investigators when questioned him about the structure of the youth organization in the Minsk region, referred to the articles of the Penal Code, under which they can be held liable for withholding disk imaging on crime.
But, according to the Criminal Procedure Code, a person can be held liable only in cases where it is hiding information from the investigation of a particularly grave sin, for example, murder, or a terrorist attack. With all this lawyers say that the Belarusian courts were isolated cases, when these articles are used in practice.
Dmitriy Fedoruk considers that the newcomer investigative strategy designed for the youngest members of the organization:
"During interrogation, KGB investigators began to use new means of influence on young people. They scare that apply 404th and the 405th article of the Criminal Code for the incorrect accusation either nedanyasenne. Now, when a guy comes in for questioning, then they say to him that if you do not pass your own friends, you’ll be held liable for withholding concept of information. Belarus about 2-thousand young people. They will excite 2000 criminal cases? This is absurd. "
Anastasia Palazhanka expressed their worldview "Freedom": "I believe and I am sure that this is absolutely a violation of human morality. But I hope that everyone understands the responsibility for what he says. Sure that ideological strong men stand any test."
Managing Bobruisk branch "Young Front" Valery Mackiewicz believes that the newcomer strategy investigators will have no effect, because the Young will not knock on his friends:
"Maybe some of our members, for the first time got in for questioning, and succeeded in intimidating. But such cases are, as I know, unique. For our members greater value is upholding our standards and not to save his own skin and their own interests. Always value our organization of friendship and unity. We have always been each other a strong wall. "
Three a day or will become available court date on Anastasia Palazhanka, Boris Goretskogo, Dmitriy Fedoruk, Alexei Yanushevski and Aleh Korban, which blamed the participation in an unregistered organization.

The Young case — third, instituted under Article 193 of the Criminal Code. Last year Aug. 4 for his role in an unregistered organization activists punished "Partnership" Enira Branitskaya, Timothy Dranchuk, Alexander and Nicholas Shalajka Astrejka; October 1 — favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich. The trials were conducted behind closed doors.

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