Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Positive memories this week associated with the British band "Allegedly Hot Fuzz." Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Performer PEG previously determine ironic thriller "Zombie, whose name is Sean." And now decided on the bones together pagoysats recognizable police movies. Men respect Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson. But this does not prevent them reincarnate movie about violent cops in real prazdnichek delirium.
All manufactured as follows. We have serial killers, corrupt cops, courageous hero brain. And frantic shooting in flight with both hands. But for some reason hard to keep from laughing. "Allegedly Hot Fuzz" — a distinctive example of criminal circus, comedy, or aggressive, or bizarre thriller. And any fans of English humor will find here their beauty.
Main negative memory — also European product. But it is quite another kind. Honored conceptual artist Rene Dumont made another film about the languid human destiny. And named it "Flanders".
It seems that just Dumont revised Russian "charnushnyh" tapes that brought down the shaft during perestroika. And later dreamed about this movie village idlers that are equally avid to the girls that before the war. Aboriginal Human comedy looks silly jokes drunken god. For now will be like yesterday, and tomorrow — as usual. Flanders — it’s not the edge of Europe. This outskirts of the universe. Unique look and feel that is capable of auteur cinema fans confused Made in Europe.
And now — my personal choice this week. "Raging Cecil B." — another gift from John Votersa incorrigible. Here is a beautiful pair to fincheravskaga "Rumble Club"! Again radicals, terrorists again. But replaced in order to undermine the supermarkets, they make movies.
Waters sings waste Steven Spielberg and Forrest Gump. He believes that Hollywood — is a form of death. But the phenomenon that every reality kinateraryst wishes become Spielberg. In the unlikely event it does notwhat to do in the movies. And in this life too.

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