May 9: a solemn procession for some, a day of remembrance — for other

Procession from October to Victory Square resembled classical Russian celebration.
Head of Belarus welcomed the girl and the boy with the Pioneer tie. In the column under the red-green flags were veterans, representatives district of Minsk, labor societies. Style was seen in the midst of even the logo of the German "Opel".
Leading direct TV broadcast noted that Alexander Lukashenko usually participates in the procession along with his family.
The president and his sons, and all the government bureaucrats were without their wives. Together with Viktor Lukashenko was his daughter. Alexander Lukashenko was ahead of the column on some distance from the first row. Just march assumed the role of about 6 thousand people.
Congratulating all congratulate Victory Alexander Lukashenko made several statements:
"Today’s contenders for global domination trying to use war as a tool foreign policy. With the power to defend their geopolitical and economic interests of predatory throttle those countries which have embarked on the path of independent development. With all this cover its brutal essence of false words of democracy, protection Human Rights and freedom. "
Alexander Lukashenko has used in his speech are popular in Russian time West charges in the arms race, expressed concern placement of NATO bases near the border of Belarus.
According to the Belarusian leader, "so called supporters of democracy based on the destructive forces within the country. Samples arrange color revolution not once taken and measured against our Belarus. "But Lukashenko said," this subversive strategy was worthy rebuff from the Belarusian people. "
Alexander Lukashenko expressed his attitude to the transfer of Russian soldier monument in Tallinn:
"Anger and resentment cause us to acts of mockery of the heroes and victims of war — such as the dismantling of the monument to Russian soldiers-liberators in Estonia or closing of the Polish authorities, Russian exposition at the Museum of Auschwitz."
According to official figures, live in Belarus at the moment about 70 thousand 49 thousand veterans and war veterans. One of them, the writer Valentin Taras not perceives the role in the official celebrations. He said May 9 sad funny day of remembrance:
"I note with his own family. With us, the widow of our well-known writer, unfortunately, the late Vyacheslav Adamchik. We dacha. And, as usual, today feel the absence of my friends. Not counting the young guerrilla killed in 1943-1944, more have died Gregory Berezkin Ales Adamovich, Naum Kislik, Vasil Bykov. First cup was a requiem, as usual. "
Valentin Taras recalls how once Volsky Arthur tried to make union of democratic war veterans:
"Unfortunately, it did not work. We immediately felt the pressure. On one of the days we were not given the Victory lay flowers at the Victory Square. We pushed the police riot. Somehow worth sharing now? Already quite old and tatty and those and others. Let those who live only passed quietly leave together with his Stalin. And those who think differently, they also strongly enough. And stand out in any separate community I do not consider it appropriate. "
On the days of the municipal radio sound in the midst of war songs and songs based on poems by Taras Valentine Vladimir Mulyavin music from the series "After the war" in 1985. Offer for you to listen to the implementation of "Pesniary" piece song on Valentine Taras words "escort mom son."

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