Media: The source of military aid to Egypt instead of the U.S. is Russia

Media: The source of military aid to Egypt instead of the U.S. is Russia
Outside Egypt is experiencing severe policy configuration. Most populous Arab world government changes its orientation, seeking friendship with Russia.

Israeli television reported that after a huge part of America froze military aid to Egypt, the government of this country relies on the help of the Russians.

Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, Nabil Fahmy said earlier that the case with America «entered a period of problems and issues,» and that Egypt must «find other sources» weapons and military aid. Israeli TV version, «other» Our homeland is assumed, with which Egypt wants to make a big deal to buy guns, transfers MIGnews.

Earlier, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry official dealer Abdelaty Badr said that the U.S. decision to suspend the supply of certain types of weapons to Egypt is incorrect and does not affect the determination of Cairo in the planned process to resolve the political crisis.

Abdelaty also noted that the authorities act on the basis adopted by the political forces of the country» road map» and do not want to deviate from it under pressure from external forces. Foreign Ministry spokesman urged the Obama administration as soon as possible to review the decision to suspend military aid.

Recall, the U.S. government decided to «migrate» military aid to the Egyptians and refrain from supplying some defense systems and cash payments.

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