Meeting democratic forces: after Vilnius again in Minsk

Regional and Minsk city meeting will be preceded by the national Congress. Will also consider issues of election favorite democratic forces, the composition of the Political Council and other organizational matters.
Head of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Alexander Milinkevich says that in Vilnius, the opposition was able to move forward:
Milinkevich: "There is an agreement about things, where previously there was no consensus. Agreed on how to conduct the regional conference on how to conduct the Congress. Not agreed still relatively Regulations, concerning the functions of the leading bodies. And this will be a discussion. But I look at it relaxed. If you want, you can come to the result now. And now can not work and still slightly last. But in that what you need spending Congress, no one hesitates. Although the danger that it will divide us, is great. "
Head of the organizing committee for the creation of Freedom and Progress Party Vladimir Navasyad whose structure together with the Social Democrats Statkevich and unregistered "Junior Front"Come in" European Coalition ", states that the general association is hindered by various sights on the validity of the objectives. By As the last, representatives of the "European Coalition" believe that any strategy for action, nor the "Small Constitution" nor financial platform are not currently needed more. Interested in sovereign Navasyad how cases give the value of his colleagues:
"This is — preparation for parliamentary elections. This is a definite plan of promotion of democratic candidates. It is the creation of local coalitions to support candidates. That is the practical purpose. "Chairman of the Minsk city branch of the BPF Party Alexei Kavalets hopes that disputes its say utter representatives of regional structures:
"In almost all the regions in common. In some regions they say openly:" And we have nothing to share. We — all together. Making teamwork together. Either do or do not do. That’s it! There is no other. "

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