Members of the Central Committee of the PBC we once beat his cap …

Current conversation will start with a sheet of Baranovichi Ales Martinovic, who drew attention to the message nedavneshnih that in Belarus today has more than nine and a half thousand Baksova millionaires. Who are these people and their dealings with the authorities and the opposition?
Oh, so answers to these questions Ales Martinovic:
"These millionaires — with Spike tandemnay nomenclature and businessmen. I think hitretsky Lukashenko not to wake dashing and has a lurking concordat with this latest bourgeoisie that revolves around the vertical. These people not crawl out and tease ordinary people of their wealth as their counterparts in Russia and Ukraine.
Lukashenko yelling about social justice for blind people, and this bourgeoisie supports it in a suitable manner to her. Vaughn even Galina Zhuravkova only made a suggestion, but not planted. As here immediately drop 10 thousand respectable persons?
Newcomer Belarus bourgeoisie — people like grouping Yanukovych in Ukraine. They need Western banks and business partners, and it is not necessary for EU membership with his bukvaedkimi laws.
Newcomer Belarusian nomenclature and mafia bourgeoisie — a natural phenomenon.
Latest Milinkevich bourgeoisie will not satisfy the opposition, in the sense that these idealistic intellectuals elections gave any promise of pro-Western social (social justice, focus on norms of the European Union).
If at least some of the opposition want the president to introduce rules on instructions from Brussels and for the sake of "naedet" the bourgeoisie in terms of tax and revenue transparency, then it simply will not support the elections. Or casts from office by arranging chaos komplot and revolution in the country. "

I remember, sire Martinovic, 1994, the first months of President Alexander Lukashenko. Then there was a lot of weather such as your — about the incompatibility of the latest programs from the government and business interests, that brand new bourgeoisie will not tolerate if Lukashenko dare to fulfill all that promised voters — and minimize the privatization and nationalization, and arrests of some entrepreneurs .. .
And that, ultimately? Or prevented business Lukashenko put his intentions? No, silently added the new rules of the game (and one who is not added and tried plestsi political intrigue, was in exile or in the bullpen).
As for the transparent and clear laws for business, the vast majority of entrepreneurs that has nothing to do with the nomenclature only dream about it. And the system that operates in the EU, did not scare them — on the contrary, is envy.
Letter from Alexei Novikov from the village Berdovka Novogrudskii district. A listener writes:
"Series fans and listeners of" Freedom "in my native Novogrudok grow. Know this from their own small home — Usyalyubskim passavetse, also adjacent Ivie area where I currently work on their own land specialty.
Ivie region — the birthplace of our former leader Zenon Poznyak, who once led me (and others like me) to storm the Belarusian "Bolshevik" CC. Members of the Central Committee once we beat off his cap and threw in their butts.
In This year after a longish break, I again visited the capital — was near Minsk on earnings. Built suburban home to one of the local oligarchy. Again met with the city’s own youth. Here once I learned in college, and later in college. Here I was escorted into the army. Here learned his love to recycle. Here it and lost …
Could not look at without emotion reddish flag on the highest building where once waved our white-red-white flag. Hope to see the how our flag back, and now last. "

Thank you, sire Novikov, for the warm and sensual letter. However, a memoir of the Central Committee of the PBC supporters assault Poznyak with beatings hats from large party chiefs raise questions.
I remember the action in August 1991. Call what happened on the streets of Minsk in days of the communist coup, storm did not go. Although after, in Moscow putsch was defeated, the mood among many, indeed, was sublime. A Central PBC collapsed and handed power itself, without any storms.
Our davneshny listener and creator Anatoly Zherdev from Gomel to own a brand new letter to the "Freedom" gives his assessment nedavneshnim sonorous events in Estonia — the transfer of the monument around Russian soldiers from the center of Tallinn to a military cemetery:
"Waves" Liberty "in the near future was a lot of votes in support of the Estonian authorities. One listener (if not mistaken, Nicholas Kanahovich) even referred to Russian soldier" invaders. "I think that students should listen and alternative idea.
So here, in my opinion, if the Estonian authorities set their own purpose to sow discord among the people, they have gained untold success. And not only split the Estonian society.
Wave of political scandal, as tsunamis, sprawled in all directions. Inciting feelings and confrontation between civilized people are harmful to human society. And so should look at the action through the facts, focusing on logic, not emotion. "

Next to his own letter from Gomel Zherdev Anatoly recounts numerous facts of history second world war, during which the reddish army suffered the greatest loss:
"How was valued hard work Russian fighter? Veterans first spit in the soul of the Kremlin. As it was, everyone knows who has read" Kolyma Tales "Shalamova and" The Gulag Archipelago "by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Those who remained at large, not too ceremonious .
As an example, we can mention the fate of the hero-submariner Alexander Maryneska. Combat maneuver which he performed on the submarine, patapivshy enemy Liner — the pride of Hitler’s fleet is unparalleled in military history. But life this man adored not bend to his superiors, and his boss is not loved and took revenge. He did not receive appropriate medical care and died in poverty.
But the staff lived perfectly. Made obedient Bolsheviks veterans’ organizations, the bosses who never asked the usual fate of the fighter.
And to this day in Russian summit are many individuals who are not interested in the truth about war and veterans. Their cry for disrespect to the memory of soldier less than hypocrisy. Plyutakratyi profitably divert attention from itself clicks "Stop thief!".

The Moor has done his job — Moor must go, so relatively pryntspam Russian fighter guided by the Bolsheviks. Some Europeans are ready to act according to the same example.
… All civilizations have brought a contribution to the victory over fascism. And does not matter what nationality people have found peace in their graves disturbed by Estonian politicians. It is important that these people died in the battle against Hitlerism. "
I, sire Zherdev already had to speak on this matter. Indeed, the pages can not rewrite history.
But these statesitsah — not only the heroism and sacrifice Russian soldier, and the undeniable fact that reddish army, freeing the peoples of Eastern Europe from fascism whereupon with their bayonets drove these people in so called "socialist camp." And people have not forgotten about it.
With all this, sire Zherdev not have read about the disrespectful or mocking attitude to the graves of Russian fighter in Europe. And in Tallinn or bronze monument or grave was destroyed. The remains — where they are supposed to be in a Christian country — in the military cemetery.
And then, what a monument should stand on the main streets and squares of their own capital, which one should worship civilization — Estonians somehow solve themselves. Dictate it should neither Moscow nor Brussels, nor has anyone else.
At the end of kutsee letter that leave lilac comment. We wrote Igor Stsyabulya from Minsk:
"Really liked the interview nedavneshnee head of the Belarusian rock group" Krama "Igor Varashkevich night and rap from the bard. Igor I wish to say that the Belarusian" Krama "superior Russian" Time Machine ".
Alexander Lukashuk read book "The Adventures of ARA in Belarus", which was published in the "Library of freedom." Thinking about how to relate to the activities of the then APA Bolshevik power and it belongs to the public initiatives and opposition power segodnyaschy unwittingly come to the conclusion that from the time not that many changed.
Pressure on political opponents such as the APA was in the years 1918-1925 from the capital of the Bolsheviks, and especially from fellow Lander. "

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