Milinkevich wishes to draw attention to England Belarus

Before leaving for London Alexander Milinkevich programmke told about his stay in England:
"This is an official invitation to visit the United Kingdom. During the visit will be a meeting with the Minister for Europe Geoff Junam, held talks at the Foreign Ministry and Parliament. Will also be meeting at the Institute of Slavic research, press conference, speech at the Air Force. And yet — meeting with Belarusians England. entire trip takes a day or four. "
With addition time, Alexander Milinkevich began to participate in the presidential election campaign, it was his first trip to London. The originality of this visit, the President sees the United Democratic Forces of Belarus in the following:
"England has always held a very strong position and fundamentally against Belarus. And I think after French presidential election, and taking into account the same position in Germany, and it will be a joint position of Europe. Position is known: Europe — open, but Belarus should take steps towards democracy.
And apart from the fact, I look forward to increased cooperation with England democratic forces of Belarus. "
In France the week reversed a new president, the new prime minister is about to appear in England, relatively recently held a change of the German chancellor. Alexander Milinkevich personally acquainted with Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy. With the new head of France met in Milinkevich Last year, in September, when Sarkozy has headed the Ministry of Interior France. Then in Marseille, Nicolas Sarkozy read on, that the map of Europe there are countries such as Belarus, where there is no freedom and democracy, where power uses repression against its own people. He also stated that Europe should change their attitude towards Belarus that moral gestures are not enough, we need political protection of democracy in Belarus. And this requires the ability to use diplomatic EU states.
According to Alexander Milinkevich, he’ll remind these words and their interlocutors in London.

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