Mogilev: Christina Shatsikava again summoned to the prosecutor’s office

"The Commission of me that wants nothing. Wishes from me October the police department of our town. Commission had found no facts which should Commission to consider. At the moment it sends all for revision, so check suitably conducted under the laws of Republic of Belarus, and so that was the reason for, which is generally required for such consideration, "- said Cristina Shatsikava.
Immediately on his return from the commission said Christina Shatsikava Freedom that mailbox two found a summons to the prosecutor’s office on April 26.
Social activist believes that it is trying to prevent the power of her trip to Minsk "Chernobyl Way".
Yesterday Christina Shatsikava through their own legal counsel referred to the Mogilev district tribunal claim to the administration of a psychiatric clinic. Against the will of its holding in the clinic almost three days late March.
Tribunal claim in public activist was based on self-contained survey, which took place at the Association of Russian-independent psychiatry at Metropolitan Human Rights.

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