Mogilev: Cleanup streamlined nature monument

Public activists, Students of Mogilev municipal institute named Kuleshov and neighborhood inhabitants Solomianka sort countryside monument of national importance "Polykovichsky source."
For a day or two talakovtsy removed debris and planted young trees alley.

Talakovtsy for planting alley

"Polykovichsky source" — a unique natural monument. The volume of water that oozes out of the earth, one of the greatest in the country.
The terrain source reborn Orthodox parish, which takes care of the source.
As for surrounding areas, people do not just protect it from building cottages. Public environmentalists trying to establish here reserve.
Since 2003, for the preservation of the natural environment is struggling Alexander Agayev sources. Specifically, source protection was the impetus for his being an MP. Now he is once a year initiates gang, joined his voters Solomianka neighborhood inhabitants.

Alexander Agayev

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