Mogilev: unknown fight against the infidels in court

How should vserasprostranennoy disk imaging of about 200 leaflets scattered in mailboxes houses on the street Kutepov th Movchanskogo, where and live witnesses. Text messages simply and succinctly: "In your porch living person who is not present, no shame, no conscience." Further action is called this man.
Learn what it did for the organization and aspires failed. Public and party activists from Mogilev comment initiative unknown until his organization reserved. With all of this note that a similar initiative is one of the possible ways to combat the false witnesses — neighbors must know who lives next door to them. Says Managing regional organization of the United civilian party Vladimir Shantsev
"I believe the action has generated a backlash. We remember well the days of historical materialism when samvydadavskiya materials strolling hand. They were written on a typewriter. This has always beenon will be. "
With Vladimir Shantsev solidarity managing regional organization BPF Grigory Kostusev:
"I do not know who is spreading it. Either that or provocation is great people, supporters of democracy. I say this quite be Myagenkaya and shaggy, you have to become hard and pointed."
BPF activist Dmitry Solovyov says that the country must know its own heroes:
Soloviev: "I support this, but only one, the text is not must be offensive to that person. He must carry information just because the country must know its own heroes. "
How to react to the spread of such leaflets law enforcement, hard to say. Hard to say and how much they are able to protect the civilian activists who are being harassed by the authorities, from perjury. As for Anton and Evgeny Suvorov Ustimchuk — they are free and waiting for review of the decision of the Leninsky court Mogilev. They may Ord at any moment.

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