Mogilev: Young people honored the victims of the floods in 1942

The crash occurred April 12, 1942. 65 years ago large tree water for 20 minutes took at least 2,000 people. Precise number of victims, now no one will call. Emergency claimed 129 houses and almost completely destroyed the market shops and shopping arcades.
Scanty information on the disaster can detect background catastrophe. Under the railway embankment small rivulet Dubravenka shackled in concrete pipe, when retreating Red Army was obstructed. During the six months formed a tremendous lake, which threatened to break the man-made dam. Occupation authorities Gimp renovated. As a result, there was an accident.
A year earlier students of the Belarusian-Russian Institute initsyvali collecting signatures for the establishment of the memorial sign on Dubraventsy. It is understood that local authority Youth Appeal took into consideration.

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