More real profitably be a bureaucrat in Belarus

As admitted during a press conference Chairman of the State Television and Radio Company, a member of the Council of the Republic Alexander Zimouski, he was obliged to choose between the salaries of senators and control television. Normal math currency scales tilted in favor of the second option:

A.Zimovsky: "Senator salary Minister"

"If wages senator surpassed my currency earnings as chairman of BTRC, I would receive the same amount. Would I just pay extra. But as such, there is no need, then I do not get wages as a senator. A senator, in turn, salary minister. Generally ministerial salary for my position is the equivalent of 400 bucks. "
But the last member of the House of Representatives Valery Frolov elaborates naming of sovereign Zimovsky amounts only begins the real wages of officials. "Servants of the people" have a tremendous amount of surcharges for peravykananne norms of legislative activity, constantly taking the "additional obligations."

V.Frolov: "In the district executive committees with a thousand bucks get"

"Maybe a formal wage is. But there are different abilities" plans to exceed "something to hide, something to cheer. So slowly and add. And if we somewhere in the district executive committees with a thousand bucks get, what — my least minister? Never in his life, he will not make the least! "- Believes Frolov.
Meanwhile there are new reports about the salaries in the real economy. Previous Minister of Labor, economist Alexander Sasnou says that since the beginning of the year the real condition of the majority of Belarusians uniformly compounded: four months 2007 real wages of public sector decreased by 6%. And with the growth of consumer prices in real terms, wages have decreased by 11% compared to last December.

A.Sasnov: "The government has usurped the possibility of pension funds"

"As for the economic side. For example, they say: According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, real incomes have risen over 10-15%. But because it not so! Thus, a 10% increase in real pensions that directly regulated by the state and the country depends. The government will increase pensions and they will rise. No other, because it usurped the possibility of pension funds. But as salaries, here it can not so directly affect "- says Pine.
Yet, as they say specialists power with very opportunistic judgments forced constantly to strive for the welfare of peremptory vertically — from the bottom to the top of it. Thus, immediately after the elections to the local councils of people’s deputies were transferred to the chairman of the village official "Lada". According to the data for these purposes has been spent 20 billion rubles of municipal funds. An increase to the salary received and the deputies of the highest level.
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• Real wages Belarusians for 4 months decreased by 6%

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