Most of the Poles appreciated A. Lukashenko as a fierce dictator

According to the study, which commissioned public organizations "Free Belarus" held institute Millward Brown Company, more than half of Poles believe that Belarusians wish closer contact own country with the European Union.
Poles appreciate Alexander Lukashenko as "violent dictator" and believe that Poland should help the democratization of Belarus.
"For us, in the midst of the rest of the very principle, that of Belarus continued to mention the media, that the Poles remembered dilemmas neighbors. Such research — is a certain thing, certain numbers of which can be write and read about, "- says one of the favorites of the initiative" Free Belarus "Yang Kentsik.
The first time such a study was conducted in Last year immediately after the presidential elections in Belarus. It is curious that in comparison with the data of 8 per cent decrease in the number of Poles who believe that "Belarus is run by undemocratic."
What is the cause? Jacek Kentsik responsible.
"This is due to media. When Belarus were presidential elections, the inhabitants our country once a day recognized that there occurs on numerous rights violations man. At the moment, the situation has changed, less write about it, because such data. This still means that we ests work to do. "
Institute of Millward Brown Company performed research on Belarus completely free.

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