Natalia Adamovich: This book supported or father, or God, or some force

Karatkevich: "On our website there was much talk about the book of your father that you have invested -" The name of this star — Chernobyl. "Told about this publication."
Adamovich: "The idea of this book I was born 2 years back. Just idea came that the approaching 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, and I wiggled my brain that need to be reminded about the brand new generation. As one writer said to me — you know, 10 years passes, and then have all forgotten, and here — 20 … And I thought for, it must collect in one book that my father wrote, the more so that it is scattered in the media — magazines, newspapers — who will find them in the library? True, he gave part of life at the end of two collections — "We, the sixties" on Russian language, and "Apocalypse on schedule" — the Belarusian … Topics more than that I myself beheld the Web, people ask about the "latest pastoral" that 20 years was not published in the archive also found a letter, at least, copies of letters to different people … Lying scenario that, unfortunately, did not take place, it was written for the Stanley Kramer .. .
And such was the idea. By the way, the title of the book is taken in the Bible … I had no idea how it will, we collected in parts — I consulted with my mother and uncle Misha Tychina later went to Gennady Pear … After all, one plan, as it implemented? Without the many people who supported me word, advice and real, it could all stay at the plan, and so it is — a real fact.
Happened, I think, not a bad book, and printing the publication. Gennady Grushevoi introduced me to Yuri Tsybina Tsybina and Paul, father and offspring, who made a lot of effort, so this had to cancel printing. I’m with them more than one year worked — it is their set, cover design. I came something change, add, Bouncer — their patience very supported me.
Later, it seems to me that this book supported somewhere or my father, or God, or even what power, since I always felt some support … Although we did not have time for the anniversary, there was time, but it seemed that way and need. I am grateful to Evgeny Pavlovich Velehavu which also has promoted. Often there — come, you say, "I am the daughter of Ales Adamovich." I understand that is a password. I said: "Oh, you know, we beheld your dad knew streaming" — and all … And when I came to Eugene Pavlovich, that whatever says to him but I do not thing a bad attitude. "
Karatkevich: "Here you have said, the daughter Adamovich — is the password. So often happens?"
Adamovich: "Realizing I’m not the only one doing such a project, the exhibition did … What happened was that we were given here, our ideas, but we have the same resources is not here, means a Russian. This Anatoly Chubais" RAOES "- when This has brought me to Moscow writers, even 3 years back. We did an exhibition in Minsk and Moscow want to take it. And then I Rimma Kazakova said, turning to him, he helps writers. Did we mention that he was there in his youth in Belarus lived, and he supported me then, and at the moment too. And Eugene P. Whelehan currently supported, besides giving advice. "
Karatkevich: "And where can I buy this book?"
Adamovich: "There is excellent, educated lady, a specialist in his own case — Sof» I Antonovna Zhibulevskaya director" ACADEMKNIGA ", this book is sold there."
"It is desirable that it was our history, we have learned how to study the 17-18 age …"
Karatkevich: "You graduated from the philological faculty of BSU running literary museum Kolas …"
Adamovich, "museum work assist me during the 13 years in my work collecting his inheritance. I love museums. If I visit, students always say, come to another country, city — go to the museum, this is the most exciting …"
Karatkevich: "And what a museum in the world you more impressed?"
Adamovich, "Well, I’m not so little was not the world … When my father was alive, I went over, now it is limited. In St. Petersburg always love to go to the apartment of Dostoevsky. Realized if padymaessya the stairs, and the plaque: F . m.Dostoevskaya. As if you come to visit, to study it … "
Karatkevich: "We had a poll: do you think that Chernobyl — this political problem?"

Karatkevich "comment, please poll expression on Citizens …"
Adamovich: "Above all, I was struck by the phrase" You have to decide. "You know, when I was doing this book, I did not re-read once and notepads, and articles … Especially since that when they were written, I was less than 20 years, and I still do not fully understand all … And this "must be solved" — as it was not resolved, as the pope wrote, so it is not solved at the moment. Because this book is very modern. And this is now read as a presentation. Unfortunately, this text is not outdated. Better that it was our history, we have learned how to study the 17-18 age … "
"For him, man and the world’s population had the greatest values"
Karatkevich: "Here I now read the story associated with your dad Ales Adamovich, when in May 1986, you came home with a May Day demonstration in Minsk, and later still playing with friends on the town, and your father took your beloved green and threw shvedryk, and you took offense at him … "
Adamovich: "Surely, this symbolic: in the day the disaster, he flew from Minsk to the Caucasus. He later said that apparently flew over Chernobyl. Incidentally, he died in a day when cleaned Shushkevich — I think maybe this is not the case ? If he flew to the Caucasus, it was not here 20 days, and later insisted he and my mother at 10 days from» went there — "thanks" to Chernobyl, I also visited the Caucasus.
And about this case: he that went shvedryk measurements and just when we came back after 20 days from the Caucasus, and when it saw, then he went and threw it in the trash. I understand that it was faster, sensual impulse — this bigot, while others wore some clothes can this radiation … I was in Minsk and fell under this rain, October 27-28 … "
Karatkevich: "And your father, when he read in the family» and as he read about the fate of Belarus and its future? Not only in connection with Chernobyl, and with the development of the country, a civilization?"
Adamovich: "Unfortunately, he was very little lived when Belarus was to be independent — maybe two years … For him it was the principal national, political, but also his life was separate. Me on this fascinating presentation uttered idea: that this tragedy occurred not in Belarus, as in Italy or in France, his attitude towards it could be the same, because for him man and the world’s population had the greatest value. "
Karatkevich: "He was a cosmopolitan in the issue of human tagedyi …"
Adamovich: "Not that cosmopolitan … Yes, we share borders set, but all of us, God makes no such boundaries. Boundaries we set ourselves. Well, not God makes the border between countries and people. Maybe he was against here’s this? Naturally, there are records where he is very sorry about the fate of the Belarusian language, village …
When Puig happened — how well he realized the danger that in Belarus stood many missiles in our forests! And what if they are gone, and our current government can not take advantage of them — is also a reward Adamovich, it is in the notebooks. He then spoke to the Supreme Council and said that instead of one nuclear country we ca
n get 10s malehankih nuclear submarines — Belarusian, Ukrainian, Kazakh …
He may be looking more globally at the time. He realized that the nuclear weapon and the atom population of the earth has become mortal. It was the most basic for him, it came specifically August 6, 1945, and it left an imprint on the world’s population, and the population of the earth is not reached. He found a good quote: we can sit with you, talk, drink coffee, and find ourselves in a moment in a whirlwind of deadly nuclear … It all depends on us, and we talked about this so do not know much and so nesur» serious about this … "
"For the father was basically to this life never left this earth"
Karatkevich: "Natalia, what do you believe?"
Adamovich: "I always read the father: live own life. He realized that I was still young — I was far from such categories as punishers, the victim, the atom … And now, after reading all this, in recent years, I also think — Lord have mercy, have mercy, do not kill a man not to kill the world’s population. At this point we looked at Easter, this fire will come down on us, will not go away — and you think, God, give us more to live, maybe we can still learn from their mistakes.
For the father, too, was mainly to this life never left this earth, despite all our mistakes, foolishness, nonsense … He believed that the atom for us — it is still very early, it was necessary to have grown. And I’m in my own life, knowing personal grief from time to time think how great that marijuana is, the sun, and that life — the most valuable. I’ll leave it and let it be. And here I agree, and believe this hunt.
I’m in school, of course, taught Soviet history and literature, and from the 1990s became such a Belarusian — or am in Moscow, where else abroad, I behave and feel Belarusian. I believe that this is also from my father and eventually came to me. I have many friends, acquaintances, and your radio is helping me — every day I get up in the morning and from 7 th to 8 th listen to him … It was for me an actual need. Maybe I’m not very good I can say I’m not the Pope — when he read his could listen with admiration …
And he has remained one dream: he wrote the script, and the theater set, and flew around the world — but there was another dream, to fly in space, look at this Earth on … "

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