Newspapers are no longer leaving only a 2-cases — when they are no longer read or write

Good day! I invite you to the latest journey into the past, in the day, April 18 different years, that we will create using Belarusian newspapers.
"On the eastern outskirts of Minsk — behind the show, about Borisovskoy shasy — built factory Belgoskino — reported in 1937," Lim. "- Building occupies the area of 47 hectares. Here, where currently there are piles of bricks, stones and navezeny heap of sand, will be located 20 factory buildings from 8 to 20 meters high … Half factory area occupies the forest, which will be used for kinozdymak. Will be made a number of areas in order to could winter and summer to shoot some footage of the open ".
"Evening Minsk" in 1987 warned: "It will be recalled that the private purchase of birch sap is forbidden … Padsochvanne birch forest permitted only spice … In Minsk region near sadavodnyh sites in small forests in this time you can meet a lot of accepted rules violators. With an abundance of birch prasvidravanyh literally weep holes, pouring foam birch sap. People at random, barbaric it mattersare unaware that prasvidravanyya holes in tree trunks lead to damage, death … And how many birches spring dies? "
In 1997 on the pages of the "name" Nikolai Khalezin notes: "Through two years camp-independent publications have Lukashenko there is not the 1st fan, and in the municipal environment — no 1st enemy … Presidential service adapts all possible ways in order to "bury" objectionable "boss" edition, forgetting, apparently, that the newspaper ceased publication only a 2-cases — when they cease to write or read. No middle ground. "

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