NIGHT MODE now become known favorite of Eurovision 2007

End of competition will continuesmiling three hours. It will accept the role of representatives of 24 States. Favorite "Eurovision", precisely, is the best song contest, to determine the method of interactive voting viewers.
Many music critics from Western Europe portend victory vskhodneevrapeytsam. Recently the best in the semifinals, not counting the Turkish singer were found nine singers from the Eastern European States among them — Belarusian Dmitry Warlock. Now at the end it will come under the third number.
Commenting on the Belarusian artist on yesterday’s dress rehearsal, the Dutch edition writes: "Warlock obviously saves his vocal power. This was not it terrible, but not the best performance." For all this, as the newspaper writes, during the rehearsal audience began aplyadavats Witch at the first bars of his songs.
Niderlyandtsy predict Belarusian singer One of the most large positions in the competition. Midst of winners is also called Serbian singer Maria Sheryfovich, Russian group "Silver" and, certainly, Verka Serduchka from Ukraine.
Meanwhile recognizable music critic Artemy Troitsky from Moscow is skeptical about the chances of Russia and Belarus to win. By him, for success "in this far from music" musical "competition" can only rely Verka Serduchka.
"We know that the main contingent of Eurovision viewers with one side, representatives of non-standard orientation, and on the other — Housewives. As for Verka, she and a housewife, and also has a transsexual style. So her chances — the best, "says Artemy Troitsky.
According to the expert group Air Force, which included former favorite "Eurovision" Our homeland Belarus and will take at the end of the tenth and ninth, respectively, position, Ukraine did not go down in the first top-10 and Grand Prix This year get the German artist Roger Chychera. According to experts the BBC, is "an incredible singer with a lovely composition." His song "Women rule the world" Chychera, Romanian origin, perform in a jazz manner and on the German language. Last year’s debut album, the singer became a blockbuster in the west of Europe.

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