Night Siege April 12

The forums portal discussions are statements of Alexander Lukashenko at this press conference. Panelists wrote: about the economy — "it will not collapse, it will be a complete fucking";
about foreign policy — "Our policy is multidirectional. The east Our homeland and China, to preserve — Venesuela the south — Iran and Somalia";
about the press conference — "what is it it mattersis forthan readst the same? ";
Alexander Lukashenko’s statement that he does not pretend to be president of Russia — "Of course! Initially restore the USSR, and later, you can already claim";
In the Internet community Minsk_by tt_chesh raised discussion among young people about pulyarnasts badges with the inscription "For Freedom." The creator describes the situation where youth failed to respond to his grandfather in the bus — for which he serves freedom and summarize (and I quote) "According to my observations, many is such an icon in just" the bulldozer ".
Comments: "Man needs what was-no icon to show their hateful to the current authorities ";
"I wear such an icon. Freedom for me — it is a legitimate way to go own life, I chose without interference from the authorities ";
"At least for freedom (right) wearing such an icon," "Very sad. Personally, I wear it is not" the bulldozer ".
The community placed by_politics "Appeal Committee of the repressed" Solidarity "in the Belarusian and international society." The proclamation states: "In our country lasts nebilo pressure on young people whose eyes do not coincide with the state ideology. Stronger repression tumbled vanguard youth, which is the conscience and honor of our people … We urge the international community to express protest repression facts over the young generation, the hope and future of Belarus. "
User website blog "Live The magazine" kiryla set your own blog piece the band NRM in Warsaw. The song "Three Charaphi."

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