Night Siege — April 4

In Belarus, the web takes action of solidarity with political prisoners Denis Denisov, which second month in detention for being together with friends posted in Vitebsk white-red-white flags. Online exhibit different nick messages with the address for the transfer of funds, that vyzalits Denis Denisov bail. For example, the user Petra Leleka society Minsk_by reports that collected more than half of the required 7 thousands of dollars equivalent. Comments: "One or two a day or unworthy of freedom itself" bribe "when the guy just is not ready to plan escape from the country," "Time trial is unknown. 2 weeks completed 2 months of detention. Have, sure, or judge, or the time renew. And so padovzhvayuchy has to sit out a year, for sure … "" Paris is valid until the entry into force of the sentence, and not only to the court itself. So the meaning is in the Anyway . "
The community lulu_gov_by newcomer caricature: dvugalovy Russian eagle has a Alexander Lukashenko and Milinkevich, instead of capital Emblem Zhora winner Minsk coat with God’s Mother, under the signature of a caricature: "For united Belarus".
On forums portal lively discussions are news that in Bobruisk stopped broadcasting one channel erotic Tipo signal after local pensioner Presidential administration. Channel started work at 23 minutes. Comments: "I do not want to look — peraklyuchy channel. A 23rd to sleep instead of writing letters," "My mother, too, against, say, a seven-year granddaughter flips channels and build it", "What makes granddaughter front of the TV after 23 minutes ? "" Santa jealous here and dashed off a letter "," Neuzh something and so we grumble and sprinkle with saliva, looking at the youth? "
Reggae, folk and drive — together in the newest songs of "Addis Ababa" under the title "Beloved." You can download the song in MP3 format on the official website of the group.

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