Night Siege April 6

Began working web site dedicated to the memory of Belarusian pilots killed in Somalia. Here on page 31 forum can be found at the link film dedicated pilots.
BP says: "He who framed the crew understands perfectly well that no dark boxes, no trace will not. Fog of the war. Videos of Papuans and grenade launcher looks spektakulyarna. Black case. Seems hunted funds or diamonds that were be on board the aircraft. "
Now website quoted Managing workgroup OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Uta Zapf, who said he did not know for what purpose is a special representative of the Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus relations with the EU, owed.
Uta Zapf, hearing that the Belarusian MP not invited to meet with representatives of the EU, said: "Oh, this is a real drama.’s unfortunate! He was appointed, but This time unclear for what purposes directly: to translate talks between parliamentarians or for meetings with representatives of the European institutions? "
The forums portal is discussed intensively news that the party tonight "Eurovision" contest from Belarus Dmitry Warlock received a subpoena from the recruiting office.
sanity wrote: "Before the law all are equal :) Yet, I would not be surprised if it turns out that some still smoother :) "
Popotam ranges: "Well, to what" PR "has come! Even organized agenda. Weak! Was necessary Witch give 15 days for swearing in a public place number 25. That would be feeding and European promotion! "
Website "Accountant — Accounting." Here zArAzA someone asked this question: "Alumna this year asks our company write a letter in her institute, we ask her to bring the work to us. And later, as expected, it will not appear in our work. Have assist little man hang from rassredotachivaniya. We have nothing to fear it? "
Hope responds: "It is for you to come and should better equip her specialty. And in that day you will be able to fire her, but certainly transfer to another company. Upon discharge from your company transfer, loses the status of young spice and none No problems, the obligation to work two years she loses. Under this option, no one does not have no problems. "
Website "The venue of the Belarusian foreign" reported: "April 9, 2007, in Mon at 7:30 pm, in Brooklyn, with the support of the Belarusian-American Association and the Association of Belarusian youth in America (youth BASE) will be a concert Liavon Volsky. The concert will also perceive the role Sergei Sokolov Voyush group»»»» Love, also rock group from New Jersey ".

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