Night Siege — May 2

On forums portal discussions are "manifesto Minsk Belarusian-Russian unity," which was released and made co-chairman of the socio-economic cooperation and past Leonid Sinitsyn member of the House of Representatives Parfenovich. "… On the ground, it is time to present the Belarusian union supporters peoples. Time and we raise their own voice in defense of the eternal unity and block the way the forces of destruction and zlaslivastsi. Since childhood, we remember the parable about how the rods just break apart, and what they are strong in one cord. clear from the history of what even the short-lived disaster turns fragmentation. lounging Brotherhood — drop everything "- said in a manifesto.
Forum participants react to such news, followed by this:
"It feels like ears stick out of fur with means."
"Long fokusniki Kremlin maintains its own bunnies in the hat …"
"Well, let’s say it — a harsh step. Then for whom the text was written? For more cocktail" Tears-brat "found in public policy is unlikely to be than in their manifesto."
"Begins to manifest the same oil and gas crisis. Not upon price increases and on monetary reserves. Russians know our inner workings better BT viewers, here and start shelling fit. Incidentally, the public sector is really huge prepyadstviya start as I know. Dept. treasurer not give or give a little. "
Living in a society magazine by_politics discussions are where you can buy Estonian products to support the economy this country. R_a_t__k_i_n_g, who lives in Prague, wrote: "Yesterday after work for the first time beheld Estonian sprats. Usually they buy only until the New Year. What else to do in Estonia do not know. But I think that the Estonian economy should go up."
an_t from Minsk divided own information, "Y" neighbors "will you find on Surganova glaze curds" Karunas "also there previously sold other milk and milk products … in Minsk have candles Estonian production … At one point, even beheld Estonian beer and drinks Tartu plant. "
Website third putvozobnovil work after a hacker attack. In the midst of New Content article appeared Tengiz Hoods "Estonian precedent" "I’m totally convinced that all Russian era monuments or need to dismantle and transfer them to the Russian Federation (Kharkov, Transnistria or at least what the reserve), or to put on the gravel, — writes the creator of the article. — Can have a monument in person, at home, in the yard, in the barn or in a special museum. But not a metropolitan area, not as an object of worship chuchheyskaga. This absurd to dead soldier. This inappropriately to the future. "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send SMS message to number 391-22-24.

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