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Nina Chaika: "From what I hear on the radio, I was throwing the creeps"
Ivan Kobzik first 1990 hit on the radio while unpopular "Belarusian youth" 19-year-old student. Ivan says that soon changed the creative impulse disappointment.
"There was independence, was a democratic system. And the radio was" Belarusian youth ", at that time, apparently, the most advanced on the Belarusian Radio. Because, of course, this great experience and a great inspiration, a memory. In 1994" Belarusian youth "closed, its fragments appeared" Radio 2 ". In a sense — another channel because of officialdom, which came on the first program there, on "radyekroptsy." In particular, while the main editor was journalist Vladimir Dziuba, we can work and read almost everything that thought and considered it necessary to read the audience. Later it all up slowly began to prohibit ordinary esters. In the end I had to leave the radio. "
The present days are called prazdnichek of radio, television and communications. In the past nedavneshnem leading applets "Talking on the merits" at the First State radio channel Nina Chaika convinced: May 7 — Radijnye this day. But at the moment, in her opinion, in particular, nothing to boast employees:
"You know, a lot of things you can celebrate, but this particular day radio. As for me the radio? First it mental voice, it is the brain, spirituality, this beautiful emotions. And it was all at one time. Radio Society needed will. Another thing — what is now the radio, specifically Belarusian radio. From what I hear from time to time on the radio, I was throwing the creeps. But in any case the radio I remember with sadness, pain, regret, since it seems to me that I really was born to the radio. "
Oleg Khomenko: "All stations were like twins"
Music group "Palace" Oleg Khomenko once led to the "Radio Minsk" program from "A dozen hits." Khomenko says that during ascertained: quota by 75 percent in the presence of air Belarusian performers does not develop national music. From time to time use this provision of the legislation in order to close the "unformatted" applets. As a result, states Khomenko station in the FM-band became similar:
"It is unrealistic to do, thanks for all this, some its focus, to form their own views. All radios were like twins. And each radio would have to be have their own view. Just to manage all these radios manufactured so that all must be specifically such format and all. And the music which is presently reigns on the radio significant part of Belarus, it is natural, then, that the names of Russian pop-music. "
New media projects: radio "Radio Station", "erb", "TV Belarus"
For medium and small waves, also can be heard via the web Belarusian-station "Radio Radio Station", which transmits from Bialystok also "erb" — it works with Warsaw.
Autumn this year should begin satellite television channel "TV Belarus". It is expected that the channel will broadcast a 2-satellite 15 hours a day.
Alexander Lukashenko has already referred to this project "is silly, stupid and unfriendly."
That channel is guided by real information needs of people in Belarus, we need to coordinate with the Belarusian side. So says the director of the private authorities Belarusian Lyceum, directed by Vladimir Kolos.
"Our idea is this: you need to formulate what the need for Belarus, here with us. Even if is such a friendly and help is on the Polish side, it is necessary that measures be coordinated. We held a conference for independent electric media did during her public works committee. In principle we have already got in touch with representatives of the channel-independent, but until such cooperation has not yet adjusted. But pinning hopes that it will get better. "

According to the Ministry of disk imaging, Belarus recorded 210 television and radio stations. In the FM-band on nationwide operates 30 radio stations, 15 of them — in Minsk. 120 organizations are licensed to broadcast cable TV channels.

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