Now appoint the arbitrator in the case of the Young Front

Who is the Chief Justice shall appoint a Russian district referee for consideration criminal case activists against the "Young Front". Case went to the court on April 9. According to the Criminal Procedure Code the Chief Justice to appoint an arbitrator within 3 days. In the Office of Judicial assured that on April 13 it becomes clear who will judge Dmitri Fedoruk, Aleh Korban, Alexei Yanushevski, Anastasia Palazhanka and Boris Goretskogo.
Case Malady third in a row after making an additional 193 articles in the Criminal Code. In Last year August 4 for his role in an unregistered organization activists punished "Partnership" Enira Branitskaya, Timothy Dranchuk, Alexander and Nicholas Shalajka Astrejka. October 1 — favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich. The trials were conducted behind closed doors.
Haretski not exclude that on This time relatives and members of the public will not be allowed into the courtroom.
Gorki "I think, that the hearing will be closed, as it was in Dmitry Dashkevich, as it was in the "Partnership". I think that our case will be considered to "Chernobyl Way", but I wanted to, so it was after. Do not rule out the possibility that some may fall by the Young Akrestsin before the hearing. "
16-year-old Anastasia Palazhanka believes that, on the contrary, the hearing will be open.
Palazhanka: "I believe that our Tribunal will be open, and witnesses, and lawyers, and we, the accused, did not give a subscription to nerazgaloshanni. As for sentence, prepare for the worst case. But we now have another question. We have a goal — preparation and registration "Junior Front"."
Committee of the repressed "Solidarity" addressed to the Belarusian international society with an appeal to protest the facts of repression against youth activists. The appeal was made emphasis on the age of the accused, and I quote, "power dared to raise a hand in yesterday’s and today’s students. More a year earlier Dmitriy Fedoruk was one of the best students gymnasium Haretski — exemplary students of the institute and warden training group. Their girlfriend "Yuen front" Anastasia Palazhanka is now one of the best students of physical and mathematical class of high school in Minsk. "
The following week an arbitrator who will consider the case of the Young lawyers say the date of the hearing.

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