Now Milinkevich consult with regions

For the idea to hold regional meetings in favor of the democratic forces participants, held on last week in Vilnius. Now it is necessary to cross certain steps, said a member of the political council of Viktor Kornienko:
RL: "There are people in the regions who worked together with Alexander Milinkevich. And during the local elections in the past — during the presidential campaign. They should consult, how You can cancel organize these events. It will be those people who are now ready to support Milinkevich as favorite united opposition. "
Managing the Gomel regional organizing committee of the movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora now going to speak at a meeting with Milinkevich in support of regional mini-conference:
Katsora: "Hold regional meetings — a chance to agree, the chance to force our favorites and we agree to resolve the issues that they can not solve. As I understand it, they can not determine the need or do not need to elect the chairman of the Congress. Maybe initially elect political council, and later she would call the chairman already? Milinkevich position and our team — you need to choose the Congress. Joint Opposition need favorite. Whether it’s the chairman of the Political Council, but it will be a favorite, as a sign of unity. "
Managing the Mogilev regional organizing committee Vitaly Vasil’kov expresses their worldview:
Cornflowers: "Though what compromise has both negative and positive aspects. Besides, that the compromise that has been made, it is a sign of rapprochement and unity.
It is understood that very hard will hold these meetings in this format as stated (up to 150 people), because very hard find such a platform and organize all very rapidly. But our favorite local party with whom I have read, do not lose optimism. And make the effort to ensure the event was held.
But as for my personal affairs to what should happen to the Congress, I think, to bolshennomu Unfortunately, there is a danger that it can not be reincarnated in Congress combined forces, and disconnected. As very many was prirekany and procedures, and other aspects. "

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