Of Ventspils oil-Unecha resulted from 500 to 1000 tons of fuel

I did lineman on the pipeline before. At the moment, we have reduced and I live here in this house. And then the food, look — diesel fuel in a ditch flows directly to the second village. Telling his wife: "No, there’s something fishy!" Went to the office and said, yes chairman called MOE. "

Elimination of the consequences of the tragedy near the village Babaedava

Fuel leak was localized
To eliminate the tragedy brought together employees from different departments MOE area. As told manager Vitebsk Regional Emergency Management Basil Mint, fuel, which fell into the drainage channel, was localized. 9 were built dams, so that oil does not fall into the nearest river Svyachanku.
According to expectations, so it’s not done just right, the situation could repeat the tragedy of March 23, when the fuel in the water got into the Western Dvina, and this has led to contamination of aquatic arteries not only on the territory of Belarus, and on the border areas of Latvia .
"All We circled the area, there looked below — no leaks. Managed to intercept — put this dam here. And on another … That’s Svyachanka river, it flows into the Ulu, that — the Western Dvina, and it would be the same situation. And the same threat. "
It is unclear how much time will be needed to eliminate the impact
By Basil Mint, from a pipeline spilled 500 tons of fuel, estimated other professionals — to a thousand tons. That’s more than was the case during the past tragedy.

Emergency workers and enterprises "West Transnefteprodukt" work at the scene

The current pipeline break occurred at about 8 km from the preceding one. According to the head of nature protection inspection Beshenkovichi District Dmitry Tolstoy, terms of liquidation of consequences accurately find unrealistic. Consequences of past tragedies and still not one hundred percent eliminated.

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