On Borisov plant — a five-day holiday

From this moment on 5 days in a row are required to rest working Borisov plant "Autogydrousilitel." This was stated by the listener of "Freedom" Misha Kazeko:

When stopped or Kamaz, GAZ, and here are losing their jobs.

"Consumers of products from Russia are not calculated. They begged a condition that will be settled within 60 days. Because the factory is currently an acute problem with the payment of salaries. No funds. Now the company is no longer working. And people had write statements on vacation. "

Lev MargolinSituation in Borisov commented economist Lev Margolin:
"In Borisov two large enterprise — plant" Avtogydrousilitel "Autotractor plant and electrical equipment (BATE). If Our homeland reduces demand, and all. When stopped KAMAZ, GAZ stops, then our factories have what to do. It is such a shameful monaekanomika. A need to diversify, so this fight. But this question is not the 1st or even a day or 1 year. "

  • In Shklou stopped Butter Factory
  • "Rechitsadrev" — for repairs
  • Workers are fleeing from "Belvest"

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