On Independence Square blue, crimson and reddish flags

Report Anna Sous:

The Kiev Independence Square at the moment sounds Russian Ukrainian hits. Unlike illumine 2004 Independence is not the orange: here soar blue flags of the Party of Regions, crimson — the Socialist Party and reddish — the Communist Party of Ukraine.

It was seen, however, and a few orange flags.

A 6th evening there were several thousand people. Within a day or traffic on Khreschatyk was closed, but cars go in the evening. At the Maidan have several tent camps. Some of them are fenced with blue ribbons, and spin there I was not allowed. Watchmen been explained by the fact that they were bored provocateurs.

Yet I talked with some participants of the camp, they were from Krivoy Rog, who uttered that came here for a concert, also desire stability and justice.

With On the other hand Maidan from the monument that symbolizes Ukrainian independence in the campground is open access. There I talked with young people from the village Znamianka Kirovograd region. They work on a construction site and came here for a few days. They pronounced that their management is also here. They spoke, they do not pay anything, just provide food. My co-worker with the Moldovan service of Liberty shows that they still pay 30 hryvnia per day — about 6 bucks.

The action takes place relaxed, people heed to music, drink some beer. Policemen little. Many participants they say that they will still be several days.
Poll in Kiev: the complete political confrontation in Ukraine?
On this question our correspondent Yegor Maerchyka meet people on the streets of Kiev.

Participants of the rally are under banners, which acts Yushchenko referred coup.

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