On Independence Square in Kiev, Yanukovich supporters protest

In contrast to the events of the Orange Revolution 2004, Independence Square in Kiev when occupied by supporters of Viktor Yushchenko, at the moment in the main square of the Ukrainian capital is dominated by blue flags of the Party of Regions, reddish — pink and the Communist Party — the Socialist Party.

Supporters of Viktor Yanukovich and Alexander Moroz protest against the decision of President Viktor Yushchenko on preterm parliamentary elections and has already built campgrounds in Mariinsky Park and Independence Square. On Independence Square 50 tents, going to sleep here a few hundred people.

Viktor Yushchenko today held consultations with Prime Minister Yanukovych.

According to the Presidential Secretariat Oleksandr Chaly, Yushchenko continues to consult with the government to reach political agreement on, how will be his decree on preterm parliamentary elections.
Later, the President of Ukraine met with the heads of regions and instructed to start campaign.
Opposition parties and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc "Our Ukraine" preparing for the elections and campgrounds do not build. The next day they planned to rally in support of the decision of Viktor Yushchenko. Also on Independence Square.

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