On the table were books Yeltsin Bykov

Vasyl Bykov, remembering on Freedom of the first Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR, which began in May 1999, stated: "It was a time when for the first time shaken the Almighty power of the Bolshevik Party, there is hope for the weakening of the regime, any changes to the best in an abandoned economy, its liberation from the oppressive imperial politics and power ugly military-industrial complex. We beheld how quickly rushed to a certain truth and justice, even for yourself is not a big part of the deputies. All the same, then that too seemed to force after which, for various reasons broke degenerated surrendered. And then really seemed certain guarantor of the best things to come … Guarantor neimperskay future then seemed highest shyzavalosy giant outdoor opposition communist obscurantism, before which all rastupalisya the sidelines. minded hurry to shake his hand, enemies clenched fists in the pockets. pinned their hopes on him. But, as experience has shown, hope — also trinkets. both human civilization and as necessary have their head on his shoulders. And woe to those who do not have it, and at the end of the twentieth century still finds. "(Aired May 30, 1999).
Vasily Vladimirovich attitude to policies Yeltsin was not specific. In October 1993, he supported the resolute actions Elyna in riot suppression of the pro-Moscow. But very negatively evaluated "integration" of the Belarusian-Russian agreement, not once publicly condemned the war in Chechnya. But always highly valued signed by Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich viskulevskim agreement is considered inevitable result of degradation of the communist system and the national — liberation processes in the former Russian republics.

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