Opened in Minsk Meeting House for the victims of Nazism

Several 10-s former prisoners of the Minsk ghetto prisoners, also exported to the Second World War I for forced labor in Germany now gathered in a building on the street dry.
1-storey house, built in 1900, the public twice defended against wear: Minsk authorities gave permission for the construction of elite residential complex here. Now, as the initiators of the project put their trust in municipal government hand does not rise up to deprive the roofs of several 10’s of the victims of Nazism.
On the uniqueness of the "House of meetings," dubbed as the founders of its project manager in charge of the International Education Center Minsk Viktor Balakirev
"The basic idea — to enable all people to talk to adults. That people were not separated, so as not to have been limited only by 4 walls, that they were not abandoned by their families and friends, and so with the experience (and the experience of this part is similar, because they went through the war and many experienced), met, told each other about his own fate, told the young people who will be coming here, told reporters. Here, in part, meaning the project. "
Now many participants mentioned the celebration fears of war.
Lena Sradnevu arrested by the Gestapo, together with his brother in Smalyavichy. From there they were transported to Minsk solitary confinement, and later taken to jail in Berlin "Alexander Platz". There has stayed almost six months in solitary confinement on death row. After came to Auschwitz. But release almost turned arrest at home:
"I was asked by the KGB, why you live? Then I asked the captain: and ye were on the front? .. Although, maybe I do something th threatened, they want to arrest me here already, but, you know , it’s all so tired that I did not feared nothing.
Because here you have requested is not sad … And that pout? Own people, have to forgive should be aware of. After all, there are people in power with different knowledge, with different outlook. So — that is, in other words. "
All these people could die. As Nahum Heifetz, a prisoner at Dachau:
"We were not prisoners of war, we had no prisoners of conscience. We were just traitors. So then, and at this point it makes sense to go into politics? ..
As for me personally, I was released from Dachau Yankees April 30, 1945. We drove to the echelon of Tyrol for liquidation by order of Himmler say, none kantslyagernik should not fall into Allied hands.
During execution of the order we were driven to prepared for this purpose, minefields, because they had to eliminate so many people that the gas chambers and ovens could not cope. But just dear Americans liberated us. "
For advice (well at the moment too) about war veterans remembered on May 9 and a day of liberation of Minsk, and prisoners of war and general ghetto once equated with offenders.
Current event timed to coincide with Easter, which coincided in all major religions. Rabbi Gregory Abramovich and his wife Ira prepared for this song dedicated prazdnichkom Pace.
In pictures: the first time after the war, many of these people were able to tell us about his own fate
First visit "home meetings"
With a take even grandchildren
Guests covered "Easter table"
In the foyer of the "Historical workshops" an exhibition dedicated to the victims of Nazism
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