Opposition activists commemorated the victims of war

Now in the morning at the gates of the Minsk Military Cemetery gathered Social Democrats — Statkevich associates, former members of the Association of Belarusian military, other opposition activists.
They walked down the main avenue War Memorial and laid flowers at the monument to those killed in the second world war. Word took Social Democrat Alexander Arestovich:
"In my memory for more than fifteen years as a member of the Belarusian Association of war, the People’s whopper, and other organizations come to the military cemetery to bow to the victims in the Second World War I. We honor those who fought in the hands of an instrument for freedom in our native Belarus, who without guns in the hands died in this war. "
Here that read opposition activist Siuchyk:
"Our goal — to show Belarusian patriotic forces has always beenand with his people. Because it is clear and antynatsyski, and anti-Bolshevik resistance, which the Belarusian people constantly provided. People who are buried here, who fought against fascism, do not have a case for communism. After all, political commissars were separately zagradaddely NKVD were separately and veterans were separated. "
Opposition activists also laid flowers on the graves of the classics Belarusian literature Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas pilot Boris Akrestsin sang "God Almighty".
Now the evening with flowers on Military Cemetery will also come activists of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk."
May 9 activists of the United civilian party and the Communist Party will lay flowers at the Victory Monument. Youth activists are going to congratulate the veterans in the park bitter.
The authorities are now satisfied with the meeting and festive concert at the Palace of the Republic.
May 9th day of October square veterans will march, in which usually participates Alexander Lukashenko. Procession completed the laying of wreaths of flowers at the monument in Victory Square.
May 9 Minsk authorities also organize inauguration of the monument to Marshal Zhukov, gala concerts in the park bitter, at the State Library, near the Palace of culture of railwaymen. Different celebrations will be held in all districts of Minsk.

Opposition activists in the Military Cemetery

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