Opposition should help government elected by the people

Speaking about the results of the opposition march and rally, our listener Leonid Novitsky from Minsk writes:
"Once I was walking on the same meetings at opposition meetings and even enrolled in one game. And later realized that all this — is silly.
At the moment, listening as if by "Freedom" act Lebedko Vyachorka Milinkevich — and vsmihayusya. Debating whether to hold a congress who has the right to be the favorite … How sad it all. Yes does not change anything from all these congresses and reelection — neuzh is not clear? How many of them have been for the last twelve years.
And it’s not that, they join the opposition or razyadnaetstsa … They can even make a whole rigid structure with the Stalinist discipline — the result will be approximately the same.
The main reason is that the opposition we have — itself for itself, a large part of society — itself. They are parallel, separately. Opposition voiced Tipo correct the program and slogans, and people can not hear or understand. A it must, To hear and realized — no one knows. "
Your doubts and questions are not ordinary and concrete answer, sire Novitsky. With one side, Of course, the opposition staged in such conditions, that her voice is not heard or understood, so that she did not trust. She kicked out of power, deprived of access to mass media influence on all the principal municipal decisions.
On the other hand, indeed, in the midst of a significant part of society does not understand the need for change in the state, preparedness.
Almost everything here is comparable to the measured explained the economic situation in recent years, growth in income. When ten percent economic growth in the country revolution occur. Even if this growth is almost everything has been proved a cheap Russian gas and oil.
In general, an authoritarian system of government and administrative-command economy have limited capacity for development. Especially since, that generous outdoor padsilkavanne, since this year, significantly reduced, and further it will not in general.
In general, no authoritarian regime in the world has not yet Welfare own country and welfare of the people and did not win the economic competition with those countries where democratic municipal system and the market economy. And the Belarusian regime is unlikely to be an exception.
Subsequent sheet is also on the attitude of society towards the democratic opposition. Sent him our opponent of Ukrainian Leonid Shchors Uzhgorod:
"I am a native Belarusian. With 18 years gone, as previously states on their own bread. Traveled all majestic country — the USSR. Lived seven years abroad. Currently living in Uzhgorod (as fate.) But in Belarus happen once a year (still living relatives).
You call yourself a democratic opposition. And I call you enemies of the Belarusian people who assist majestic ruin the country. The real opposition should help government elected by the people, in many matters.
Take Russia. There favorite opposition Communist Zyuganov did not go to the main anti-communist Bush to ask for handouts, as did Kalyakin your opposition. Zyuganov comes to Putin and resolve issues. Oh, so should do real opposition.
And you? Because you 85-90 percent of people and can not tolerate. Naturally, you do a lot of shit. Will this year in Belarus — we’ll talk. "
No doubt, sire Shchors that Sergei Kalyakin, and Alexander Milinkevich and other opposition favorite willingly would sit at the same table with Alexander Lukashenko, that, as you write, "solve problems." Yes, just read the power in Belarus with the opposition on equal categorically disagrees.
Favourite Russian Communist Zyuganov — State Duma deputy managing largest parliamentary faction. The Belarusian parliament is no opposition at all — 1st. For you do not think it’s weird, sire Shchors?
Either you believe that the Belarusian society unanimously supported by the authorities? As in Ukraine, and in Russia, people in Belarus have different attitudes to the government and the opposition. But those who think differently than the power of their own representatives in parliament can not have — such a system created in Belarus elections. The system, which is perfectly familiar to you, sire Shchors with communist time.
In the Russian Union, if you remember, 99 percent of people always "voted" for the so-called "indestructible bloc of Communists and non-Party." Is that why so just collapsed and the country that you think big?
Political crisis in Ukraine — one of the major international events of last week. Electric letter from our listener Valeria Griţuc from Minsk:
"I am very concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Thus, the decree of President Yushchenko to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada has a legal controversy, as written in the Constitution, only three grounds for the dissolution of parliament.
But Yushchenko’s own decree emphasizes the danger to the sovereignty of Ukraine, which follows from the illegal building of coalitions of factions.
MPs simply offered and more than a million euros for the transition to a coalition of Yanukovych. Ukraine — not Russia, there is a lot of personal funds.
As a result, Yanukovych could manage kanstutsyynay majority of deputies. In other words, could "democratic" legally change the Constitution on its own footing, respectively — to conclude, even Federated unions (with Russia).
In Ukraine there was almost a stalemate, similar to the one that was in 1993 in Russia. But the decree better than cannon tanks. I am convinced that the elections will take place in Ukraine, who only overcome — predict unrealistic.
The primary reason for this situation — gipertrafavanyya ambitions Yulia Tymoshenko, if she did not come to a compromise with Yushchenko and achieved Premiership only itself though was another opportunity to approve nominations for the post of her block.
We, Belarusians, you need to look at neighbors and draw their own conclusions. Ambitions of individual favorites is the cause of crises and disasters, even for the country. At the moment, the Belarusian opposition has no power, and ambition still explode. What will happen to these favorites, if they get the power? "
People who do not have political ambitions and dream of your own place in the system of power in politics does not go, sire Griţuc. And when the pressure of any event and go, you will never achieve major political vertices (except for some rare exceptions).
And the fact that the interests of the principal persons in the power struggle faced — and inevitably, I think it’s fine. In particular, in such unstable political systems in post-Soviet countries.
Another thing, as conceited and principled favorites are able to find and search for compromises, predict the consequences of their actions.
Davneshnego our listener and creator Paul Szasz village of cankers Malorita district vvechnennya concerned with the topic of memory in Belarus Russian Alexander Suvorov.
Despite the fact that the Orthodox Church in honor of Suvorov in Kobrin, contrary to earlier vserasprostranennoy disk imaging, still will not, Paul Satz believes that the problem remained:
"We need to reach construction in Kobrin Memorial Chapel in honor of the victims of punitive troops that drove Suvorov. Our forefathers, the believers of the Uniate Church, protected from invaders native country and their shrines, but put the head in an unequal struggle.
I still remember from childhood, as my father and grandfather called Suvorov executioner and hangman. Santa even showed me the place where once our forefathers were buried — the inhabitants of the village, killed and hanged punitive troops Suvorov. Place order — 150 meters south of the church on the corner. "
Indeed, sire Sats honor in Belarus named Suvorov — is roughly the same as that set up museums and streets of Russian cities to call names or Gen
ghis Khan Mamaia.
Almost everything here is explained by historical circumstances the past two hundred years, if Belarus did not have statehood, and Belarusian children in history lessons but know more about the heroic deeds of the Russian people.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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