Or adequate referendum May 14, 1995 the Constitution and laws?

On the non-recognition of the state symbols Alexander Lukashenko declared a year before the presidential election in 1993, he wore a revealing "beseserovsky" red-green deputy badge. And the idea of a referendum was the first time Lukashenko declared at the session of the Supreme Council in March 1995.
As later became clear outline of a new "coat of arms" was developed in the manager’s office Presidential Administration Leonid Sinitsyna.
April 11 opposition deputies nineteen BPF headed by Zenon Pozniak a symbol of protest hunger strike, but were beaten in the hall of the parliament and expelled from the structure of the Government House. Against the referendum were many well-known intellectuals in including Vasil Bykov.
Purpose of the referendum held in 1995 in violation of the Constitution, the laws and regulations of the Supreme Council
Referendum 1995 Constitution, as was stated during his discussions Supreme Council.
Referendum is not adequate and the "Law on popular vote (referendum)," where it is said that a plebiscite not submitted issues that affect national values (white-red-white flag, coat of arms "race" and Byelorussian such is). Questions about language and integration with Russia violated Part 3 of Article 3 of this law. Besides the question of symbolism and the right of the president to dissolve the parliament had no legal certainty, and did not give the ability to get a clear answer.
Purpose of the referendum took place in violation of the rules of the Supreme Council (19 members were beaten). The process itself is also a referendum held in violation of the package of laws — "On Referendum", "On the status of deputies" and others.
For example, opponents of Lukashenko had no access to the media (the referendum coincided with the elections to the Supreme Soviet, but all mention of the referendum in the speeches of opposition candidates were cut), and the population did not have the ability, as requested by law, to obtain complete information on all four issues and make an informed decision.
Were recorded by observers and fraud in the areas specifically on May 14.
All this gave the opportunity BNF MPs immediately after the referendum say that de jure white-red-white flag and "The Chase" are municipal signs.
Incidentally, the results of the referendum in 1995, the Supreme Council of the 12th convocation and not approved. It made only in 1996, the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation. A few months later Lukashenko Fri enjoyed the right president to dissolve parliament.
To return the state signs enough will be adopteds ruling not recognize the results of the referendum in 1995
Nowhere and never artificially made symbolism could not stand more than a few hours (in the best case — days) longer regimes that installed it. Usually the establishment of the national flag over government buildings symbolizing an end once and for these modes.
All countries-neighbors Belarus regained its historical symbolism. So did all the former socialist countries of Europe. In Belarus willpresent democratic Belarusian Parliament rather just take the decision not to recognize the results of the referendum in 1995 — on the basis antykanstytutsyynastsi antyzakonnastsi and the referendum. Maybe even enough for this decree coming President, if such capacity remains.

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